University of Michigan Grad School

I apologize for posting a somewhat similar post a few weeks ago about grad school, but I had another quick question.<br>
I am planning on majoring in psychology at Michigan State University (just finished my freshmen year) and loved it! I also love ann arbor, and I know they have a top ranked psychology graduate program. Obviously, I'm only a sophomore, so I know there is a possibility that over the next three years I might change my mind, but I was still wondering if anyone knew what type of GPA I may need to be considered, research experience, etc. I think I know in general what I might need, but I thought it might be different because the psychology program is one of the best.</p>


<p>Read through Grad Admissions 101. You'll get all your answers there.</p>

<p>You're aware MSU is not the same school as U of M?</p>

<p>haha yes. I currently attend MSU and want to attend U of M for grad school. Sorry if I made that confusing at all.</p>