University of Michigan In State Tuition Possibility?

So my friend is a high school student in ohio. He lives in Ohio, and he moved here in 6th grade. He was admitted to UMich and enrolled, but he is wondering if he could get in state tuition based on some weird circumstances. Let me explain:
His dad got scared of Covid, and decided to go live alone, away from him and his mother, because he is high risk, he moved to Ann Arbor and now lives in a bachelor pad basically in Ann Arbor. He isnt a michigan citizen, but he could probably become one, as he lives there. So this kid is wondering if his dad declares michigan residency if he could get in state tuition for University of Michigan. He will be attending this fall. Is this viable or is he screwed? He was banking on getting the in state tuition, or else it will be way too expensive


Your friend needs to make his own thread.

Asking for a friend is typically not allowed here on CC.

Unless the dad is employed and paying taxes in MI, he would not be considered a resident.

We had a home in another state because of my husband’s work but even with owning property and paying taxes, we were not considered an instate resident. We would have had to sell our other property and been full time there for two years to have instate tuition residency.