University of Michigan LSA vs Engineering

Daughter is applying to University of Michigan for Data Science. You can apply to the program via LSA Dept of Statistics or Engineering. My question is which gives her the best option for acceptance. We know engineering is the hardest to get into. But I know they are looking for more women in engineering. She goes to very rigorous private school with 3.85 and 35 ACT. Plays multiple varsity sports, works, All league academic award, scholastic art award. She is great at STEM, but is also good at history and English. She is a mixed race Asian with LGBT parents diversity candidate.

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Those are not diversity characteristics, and U Michigan does not consider either race or sexual orientation.

As a large public flagship, stats are the most important factors of U Michigan. In any case, Engineering makes it easier, since they write what they like to see in an application:

Over, acceptance rate for women is higher at UMich than for men, and I would guess that engineering is the major reason. However, I do not know how that translates to OOS applicants.

Are you in-state or OOS?

What does Naviance say about admissions rates from your daughter’s high school for applicants with similar stats as hers?

I believe LSA gives better odds. The program is similar but not as robust. Both are difficult though.

We are in state. Our school stats are 50/50. College counseling said Michigan is a crapshoot for most students these days versus about 5 years ago like 2/3 would get in.

I should also add I am a graduate of Michigan

I would agree. I would also say that, depending on what type of data science jobs you daughter prefers, there is no advantage in having the degree from an engineering college, versus stats.

So 50/50 for a student with your daughter’s GPA. In that case, I think that it would be a better idea to apply to LSA, unless your daughter is interested in something like Machine Learning.

That would also help - according to their CDS, legacy is considered.

Their admissions office claim that there isn’t a preference, except when there is a preference.

In any case, good luck to your daughter, she sounds like a great applicant. What are her other choices?

So my friends daughter got in to this program this year with a 4.0 unweighted and 34 Act. Ecs were great with a stellar essay.

I helped sorts counsel her for the same reason plus she wasn’t sure about engineering. So I had her apply LSA since transferring is pretty easy at Michigan. She’s OOS at a top ranked Public.

Her first year courses are basically the cross campus for engineering. She’s using the year to explore her options.

My son also did it and graduated enginerring this year. He was looking into Actuarial Science also.

The requirements are the same for engineering besides one English class and lab. It’s just not a big deal. The trick is getting accepted first.

Make sure the school knows you want to be there. Visit, talk to professors, use that in your essay. Write a great essay. How will you be an active participant on campus?