University of Michigan Transfer- Winter 2020

Just starting this thread for any of you who are applying for this term like myself!

Yea i’m interested in applying for the Winter 2020 term. I am a US Navy veteran. Just finished my Freshman year at UM-Dearborn. I’m at a 3.3 GPA and majoring in Economics. I am taking 5 classes this summer. And I am not working a part time any more so I should be getting all A’s this Summer. I am also a legacy student. My mom and sisters are all Umich Alumni.

Hi guys! I’m planning on applying for the winter semester. I really hope to get in! Can’t wait to see everyones decisions! Best of luck!

For those who have applied and got denied a previous semester: are you guys reapplying or just updating your application?

@leejackie99 I updated my application. As soon as I am done with my community college summer courses I am going to send both updated transcripts. Good luck to you all. I hope this semester we all get lucky.

Hey everyone! Glad to see that this thread has started. Anybody want to chance me?

Current University: University of Miami
GPA (CUM): 3.84
Awards: 2018 Fall Dean’s List and 2019 Spring Provost’s Honors
Total Credits: 45
Umich transferable credits by time of enrollment: 34
Demographics: White/Native American, Male
Mom is an active alumni
In State Resident
HS Info: 3.7 weighted 27 ACT (At a top private school in the state)
Extracurricular Activities: Member of the entrepreneurship club, member of the campus radio station, member of the sports casting division of the radio station (I plan on doing more this upcoming year to boost my EC’s)
Essays: I have not written them yet, but I usually write very good essays.
Letter of Recommendation strength: very strong

Please let me know what you think do below. I really appreciate the help. In addition, any tips on transferring in would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you all very much.

@Here2Transfer welcome! I think you have a great chance!

Hi everyone! I’m rolling over my application from Fall 2019 to Winter 2020.
By the time I roll over my application, I’ll have 40 completed, transferable units and 15 in progress
As of now, I have a 4.0 but my GPA might drop to a 3.7-.3.8 after Spring but go back up to 3.8-3.9 after my Summer classes which will be seen as complete rather than in progress since they’ll be done in August!
What do you think my chances are? I’m scared 40 completed units still isn’t enough

Coming from a community college btw

did any of you guys apply for fall 2019 and get a rejection email that said this? was this a normal rejection email or do you guys think i have a chance of getting in for winter 2020?

"Dear [your name]:

After an individualized and comprehensive review of your application for admission to the University of Michigan, we regret that we are not able to offer you a place in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts for Fall 2019.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions considers many factors in evaluating transfer applicants to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) including the number of credit hours completed in transferable course work, the grades earned in this coursework, the progress toward completion of general LSA degree requirements, as well as an applicant’s personal characteristics, background, and essay responses. Because you do not have enough transferable credits to be at junior standing, we also considered your academic record from high school, including your GPA and your standardized test scores.

The quality of academic work you demonstrated last semester was impressive, and it was noted in the evaluation of your application.

If your interest in attending the University of Michigan continues, you should continue to build upon the strong academic performance you have shown and update your application for consideration for the next available term. Please request this update in writing prior to the deadline of your desired new term of entry. Also include the name of the institution you are attending, course title(s), course number(s), and number of credit hours you will complete prior to the desired term of entry. If a new application fee or additional information is required, we will notify you. For more information, go to

The interest you have shown in the University is appreciated, and we extend to you our best wishes for success in the achievement of your educational goals.


Erica L. Sanders

I think that’s a pretty generic response

When will the common app open for the winter term? And how much the standardized weighs in the application?

Hey guys I was just wondering what you were thinking my chances are…

Current student at MSU.
GPA: 3.68
Awards: Deans List (x2)
Credits: 48, with 15 in progress, transferable to UMich it’s 55 credits all in all.
Extracirriculars: Child Development Lab volunteer and student research assistant, MSU Premedical Association.

In-State Resident
HS Stats (although I don’t think they will matter since I will be at Junior college status…): 1170 SAT, 3.5 GPA
I applied for the fall and was denied based on my credits, and my admissions counselor told me to reapply. Hoping this works out this time.

@goblue1213 thats exactly what i was told !! i actually almost transferred to msu for the fall 2019 semester but i figured id wait and see what happens with umich lol. but i think you have a really great chance at getting accepted !!

hey !! i was wondering if anyone could chance me

-currently go to a small private college just north of nyc
-gpa: 3.43
-deans list 3 out of my 4 semesters at this school
-credits: 57 currently finished w 15 more in the fall
-dont really have extra curriculars but i teach swim lessons & lifeguard so i included my resume
-i have an academic recommendation from my english professor who went to nyu & a professional one from one of my bosses
-i think my essays were written well
-i applied to lsa

-i originally submitted my application for the fall 2019 semester but was told:

“The quality of academic work you demonstrated last semester was impressive, and it was noted in the evaluation of your application.

If your interest in attending the University of Michigan continues, you should continue to build upon the strong academic performance you have shown and update your application for consideration for the next available term.”

so i updated my application for winter 2020, and this last semester i got 4 A’s and a C- (italian was super hard & my teacher was not the best) and im really worried this C- has ruined my chances

Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could chance me and tell me when does the application open for Winter20 for common app.

-going to be sophomore at MSU FALL19
-Asian Background
-major: Computer Science, minor Chinese
-total of 61 credits at MSU(30 from AP, pretty sure will have 26 credits for AP for Michigan)
-4.0 gpa
-most of my credits transfer except Chinese which will be taking a placement test if i get in
-transferring to LSA for computer science
-Honors student, and deans list
-EC: Table tennis and maybe some club in computer science this fall
-In State Resident



Question: does your personal transfer counselor review your app in the application process? (just curious mostly)


hello everyone, is the application for winter quarter available now on common app?