University of Michigan v. UCLA

<p>I know that since this is on the Michigan page, I might get slightly biased results, but here it goes: which one is the best school for an undecided student? I would be OOS for both schools, so price would not be a big deal. I visited both schools, and loved both in completely different ways, so I can't decide which one I like the best. Thank You for your Help</p>

<p>Michigan obviously. ;)</p>

<p>@ ArKhAiK the reason being… ?</p>

<p>Better sports, better college town, no concern about not graduating in four years</p>

<p>What’s your major?</p>

<p>Undecided. I have no idea whatsoever.</p>

<p>Because the whole UC is suffering from budget cuts from the state, you may not be able to take some classes when you want. If you don’t know your major, it may be difficult to graduate in four years.</p>

<p>Michigan has a slight advantage thanks to its huge endowment and financial position, but UCLA is a formidable university. Have you visited both campuses? Do you have a preference between being in a college town or a large city?</p>

<p>UCLA is not really in a “large city”. Unlike U-M it is isolated within itself and not participating in the city (which I like more). The fact that UCLA is smaller, also makes it a plus, since I might end up with housing at U-M north campus and having to take the vomit comet daily to go to class. Talking about the location, I think UCLA would have the point.</p>

<p>dudukiel, UCLA is in LA. Whether the campus is not part of the city or not does not alter that fact. Outside of the campus, you will be part of a large city. Michigan is in Ann Arbor. The campus is very much in the center of the city, but Ann Arbor is not a large city.</p>

<p>Furthermore, UCLA is not smaller than Michigan. Both have 27,000 undergrads and both have 10,000+ graduate students. </p>

<p>This said, if you prefer UCLA’s location, you should go there. Academically, the two schools are very similar, with the exception of Business and Engineering, but since you are undecided, clearly those are not majors you are considering.</p>

<p>Alexandre, when I said smaller I was referring to the size of the campus. Although I’m undecided, business is still an option (however engineering is not).</p>

<p>Go with your gut.</p>

<p>Culture matters too. UM is in the Midwest where people are a bit more traditional than in LA. You might find LA people pretentious and decadent. However, you might like the laid back quality. Michigan does have a longer history and that can be a nice thing to be part of. UM also has Ann Arbor which is such a lovely, intellectually rich, attractive town. UM also does a great job of making a big university small. They have all kinds of programs like living-learning communities, residential college, undergraduate research opportunities program. If you hate winter, UM is no good because they have a long, grey one. Do you have SAD, ie get depressed by grey skies? However, Spring, summer, and autumn are gorgeous there. Do you like green trees (UM) or brown rugged hills (UCLA)? Do you crave the ocean (UCLA) or do you like lakes (UM). I love the great lakes, just love them. I’m curious in which ways you loved each school.</p>