University of Michigan Waitlist Class of 2025

Hi! I’ve noticed a good amount of applicants to the University of Michigan have been waitlisted this year, so I thought I’d create a place for waitlisted students to chat!

UMich Class of 2025 Regular Decision
University of Michigan EA Class of 2025
UMich Deferral Class of 2025


Ayeeee waitlist gang

gang gang :money_mouth_face:

hi buddies.

was i the only one who totally thought they were rejected lmao?? i made a tiktok ab it bc that was one of the worst decisions letters imo haha


waitlisted but accepted to Gtech and UMD comp science

Waitlisted and yes the letter was so confusing

Both are top CS schools, looks like you have some great choices Congrats!



Yep we visit git next week

haha yes i thought i was rejected at first too

i read someone else’s letter who got rejected and it’s like the exact same letter just without the two sentences talking about waitlist at the end lol

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go to gtech

yes thats the plan. priority waitlisted at CMU

Should I send a letter of continued interest to michigan to let them know i will absolutely attend if they accepted me from the waitlist? I know they mentioned they do not want additional supporting materials, however, would a commitment statement be considered?

Good idea but just wanted to confirm, you haven’t got your decisions yet, have you?? Me neither. I’m an international, an deferred EA applicant, how about you? Trying to figure out the reason why my decision is delayed, once again.

Should I call or write to them to see when my decision will be out?

i got waitlisted. about 20% people from the poll have not gotten a decision yat. I’d say not to worry about the date. Good luck!! I am almost certain that the next decision date would be on next Friday 3pm est. This wave has been largely waitlist, according to cc poll. Not sure how next one will work.


Similar question here. Since they said they don’t want additional supporting materials what can we do to show that we are definitely interested? Is it okay to maybe send them an email or something?

I don’t know, but my son is on the waiting list. I’m wondering about finding out where you are on the waiting list. Is that possible? Has anyone reached out to anyone with that question? Maybe to a regional admissions counselor? Is that a bad idea? Any opinions?