University of Michigan Waitlist Class of 2025

Some kids have enough money to go to any school they want but don’t get accepted. Other kids get into their dream schools but can’t afford to go. Your problem is a problem that most kids would want to have - please be sooo proud of yourself. You just got a FULL RIDE to Michigan State’s Honors College!!! I think that’s something you should celebrate - shout it from the rooftops. When people ask you where you are going you get to say “yeah I’m going to MSU…on a full ride” (and watch their face - they will give you the “Wow, I’m impressed” face I guarantee it). Congratulations!


You always say things so eloquently!! You’re right. A full ride to MSU honors is nothing to sneeze at. Someone from our high school a few years ago chose that scholarship over MIT!! So this person shouldn’t be too disappointed with that option.


thank you!

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thank you, this means a lot to me and helped change my perspective on it.


Not to stroke your ego or anything but MSU honors is a great program. Seriously. It’s like a hidden gem with lots of perks… Have a great experience.


I don’t think she/he minds you stoking her/his ego. These kids have worked so hard they can use it!

Btw, in that parent group you were able to successfully avoid joining now they’re all whining about how hard UM Math (Calc) is…lmao. What did they expect? This is the big leagues.

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Good. Over the years, I’ve mentioned it here on many occasion. D has one more class to minor in math, which she’s taking this Fall. Be forewarned, Michigan takes their math very seriously. It’s not for the weak.

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Maybe it’s for the best I wasn’t accepted then :joy: I’ve been a bit lost in calc this year even though I find it interesting

We tell them every year about Math and Physics. It’s the real deal here. Many students that got As in high school start to flame out here. Get the help you need and get help really… Before you need it… Lol.

The group sounds like the Adult group of Reddit. Want to have some fun? Look up University of Michigan on Reddit and look up engineering or math… Lol. People talk about how badly they have done and are scared, and have nightmares and one year a current math professor got on and said he still has nightmares of the Calc 2 class and final :rofl:

I remember my D telling me freshman year that a male CoE friend of hers, who had received a 5 in BC Calc in HS got his first MV Calc (Math 215) test back and he got a 28 out of 100. An F.

He almost cried, because, according to him, he had never gotten less than an A in any STEM subject in HS. And only one B+ in AP Comp Lang, but that’s it.

I think most students have a harder time with these courses in college compared to high school.
Also, it’s possible those professors are trying to weed people out or are more focused on their research than their teaching (which is common in R1 institutions).

I have heard this over and over. I really think these kids some in thinking it will be cake and that first quiz /test find out that Michigan goes much deeper then high school ever did. This is usually when the kid should be going right to the professor for help. My son told me after the first math test/physics tests the class thinned out incredibly and kids mumbled to themselves about not becoming doctors or engineers… As I have said buyer beware… It’s a really tough school… It’s tough for some kids to realize they aren’t getting all As anymore but after seeing commencement, there are plenty that go several semesters in a row getting all As… That’s really an accomplishment at Michigan.

I really don’t think the professors are trying to weed anyone out. But… It is generally known certain classes are the so called “weed out” classes. It’s not a hidden secret lol… If I am a student I am getting help before I need it. Calc 2 is super hard even for kids that are great in math. There are old tests to take. It’s the depth that many never experienced before. Same for certain physics classes. Some so called weed out classes are actually not hard for some. It’s really what you high school offered you and at what level did they go. It’s probably better to not get an A in high school math and work really hard for that B. So you will continue to work the hard initially. Many high school kids that get all As fly through high school. Keep in mind, many levels of high school also. Is the top school in the state that different then the 400 high school in the state… Well… Yes it is… So these weed out classes are the great equalizer.

As I was told by Someome I know that just graduated​:wink::mortar_board:, especially in engineering… Lol. Sometimes you work really hard for that C and that’s the “Good” grade for that class… Lol…

Uh, hope we aren’t scaring anyone :joy:

Yes, this is the case at rigorous universities in rigorous majors. And of course success is a combination of abilities and work ethic. And like I said, at R1 universities professors aren’t as focused on teaching, so students definitely have to step up and figure a lot out on their own.

This is where I disagree. Not seeing it yet but I guess there are some professors like that. But they also have break out groups for these classes to go over the material with the students. So that’s 2 touches for that class on that material. If there’s a problem with learning or understanding it is usually delt there. Plus peer to peer help groups. Math /science help labs. Professor office hours. Learning services. The students have ton of support if they want /need it. Figuring it out on their own is just one option they can choose.

Yep, those are all of the standard resources students should use to do well in tough classes.

Are we expecting a wave tomorrow??

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No. I called admissions a couple of days ago. I said I was hearing some reports of UMich being full & not going to their WL this year. The lady said that was not true - they don’t know yet if they will be utilizing their WL. They won’t know until later in May or June how everything will come together.


Thanks for the information. Appreciate it.

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Had a chat with admissions today. Said the latest people should be getting WL decisions is “late June” and there’s nothing to do until then but wait.

Stay strong out there!