University of Michigan Waitlist Class of 2025

Thank you! I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. They don’t even approve their budget and tuition prices until mid to late June which is crazy as some people have already paid their first installment payment. I’m bracing myself for the amount.

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Yep, there’s definitely a lack of transparency for whatever reason.

So, usually, the “student profile” is updated in the summer months, say around the July-August time period. Link here: Student Profile | University of Michigan Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Just basic info only. The 2021-2022 CDS will be posted around October, which I believe is what @wiscokat alluded to above.

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yes, that is what I meant. I would only be guessing for the reasons, but don’t think the deferred students play in to it in this case (except for lowering the spaces available for our grad year) since the University now just counts them in the freshman totals.

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Last year’s tuition increase was “low,” only about a 1.9% increase, IIRC. I’d expect 3% increase (typical) this year to be approved by the board. Of course, Purdue has held their tuition at the same amount for about the last 100 years (hyperbole). DOH!

Illinois also shockingly doesn’t raise their tuition much and even when they do, what you pay freshman year, you pay all 4 years.

UT prices came out and my daughter’s tuition only went up like $200 for the entire year.

The transparency is really annoying with them. With admissions, with this, with the WL for those waiting. I don’t get what their issue is. If it’s disogranization, too many cooks in the kitchen, just the size of the school, or what? Advising at least has been impressive so they are definitely NOT disorganized thankfully.

The State of Michigan isn’t helping matters:

Michigan is almost a private school at this point.

Yep, this means you and I will be paying more as OOS people and considering they charge the same as an Ivy League, they might as well be private. UVA is similar as well but also Wisconsin is outrageously high too.

Get your sports tickets now. As stated Basketball is a different animal because you can’t possibly go to all the games and actually do school. They will just buy them from people. They post them. For parents you can get tickets through Michigan, stubhub and the like. 2 years ago I got Michigan vs Ohio State through a parent here… Lol…

As far as wait list. Move on… Stay if you want to but it’s June 11th. The chances of getting off are extremely small so hopefully your excited about where your going to.

Michigan was just ranked the number 1 Public again in the world so there’s that also. Good Luck

I hate those #1 public things because it’s honestly the individual programs that mean more to me and how good your program is, but that may be me.

I saw someone post somewhere that tuition is going down but I find that 100% hard to believe. I guess we will see in the next week or so.

They have the weirdest ticket system I have ever seen but hands on deck. My kiddo is ready to get up early and just buy them and be done. I feel bad for the West Coasters who have to get up at 530 to buy them. He heard that football doesn’t sell out the first day but not taking any chances. Just getting them and moving on.

I agree re waitlist. I think if it’s true that UM overenrolled then it’ll take a lot for any movement to occur. It’s not impossible but they’re deep into registration and sending out housing contracts. Now we’re moving onto dorm stuff. Got our Cubs flag :), next up are Bears and Michigan, lol. So much easier for boys than to worry about all the photos and pictures and posters that cost $50/each!

Just bragging rights… Lol. Get the tickets early. Crazy year and everyone will want them…

He’s hoping to. That’s his job. I just pay the bills.