University of Michigan Waitlist Class of 2025

these are very kind man. i plan to reach out to the office to see whether they would give it a consideration. otherwise, the application season is basically done for me. luckily i have two options down on my list, UCSD molecular and cell as well as BU’s BME so basically i only need to make decision on which major i go with. i also heard transferring to umich is not too bad chance so probably back in two years!

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If anyone who is on the waitlist wants to share - what are your stats?

ACT 36, GPA 4+ 12AP’s and good ECs OOS

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One more question, did anyone who accepted the waitlist offer write a LOCI?

Yes I did. I sent one email only. I’m not sure whether it helps or not.

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Sup guys, got waitlisted to UMich. Not really expecting to get off the waitlist but we shall see. I think applied as a Bio or Chem major but now it shows it as Undecided to LSA. Just gonna throw my info below

Stats: Rank 2/183, GPA UW 98.00, GPA W 109.93 (school gpa is out of 100, honors/APs multiplied by 1.2), SAT 1540, ACT 36, 780 SAT Math 2, 750 SAT Chem, 700 SAT BioM

ECs: StuCo president, Environmental Commission Student Rep, Sustainability Club Social Media Advisor, Boy Scouts, FBLA, XC/Track (fall, winter, & spring) all four yrs

job: delivery driver for local pizza place since September 2020

other college acceptances (italicized are what I’m considering): Hofstra, Drexel, UMiami, Pitt, TCNJ, Stevens, BU, NYU

rejections: JHU, Duke, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Penn, Yale (yes i was rejected from 7 out of 7 ivies)

waitlisted from Northwestern and Mich

dont think anyone rlly cares but eh in case anyone wants to look idk

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International school so bit different system for GPA but 3.9GPA, 1490SAT, 780 SAT MATH2, OOS LSA

Hello, just found this website. Got waitlisted as well.

I am not a good writer and do not have any special updates on my scores or activities. Should I send a loci or not? It also stated that they do not want any additional documents unless requested, so does that mean they will request in the future…?

are we supposed to write another loci? i wrote one when i got postponed from EA.

my gosh, i got waitlisted too as an environmental engineering major but i feel like you guys are smarter than me by a long shot

our school doesn’t do rank anymore since so many students have the same gpa’s, but my stats were GPA UW: 3.75, GPA W: 4.23, SAT 1400, ACT 32, 15 AP credits

ECs: Envirothon co-president (qualified for state year before I became president, but comp was cancelled 2020), Mock trial member (part of 6 person team qualifying for state), State level Pole vaulter and varsity XC runner, Eagle scout, traditional Shotokan japanese karate for 10+ years, and paid tutor for 2 programs.

other college acceptances: U Washington, VTech engineering, UCSB, U of A, ASU, U Hawaii

rejections: Duke, UC Berkeley

waitlist (i don’t know how): Cornell, Stanford, Notre Dame, UCLA, UCSD, and Mich

I feel like all my waitlist options were throwing me a bone at this point, but Mich would be the most probable for me to attend financially with the programs that i truly want to participate in

I don’t know what schools want or look for at this point because its confusing to me now, but I really do want to express more interest in Michigan in any way i can, but should i send a LOCI? would it even matter?

Wow - well done! You have worked hard & have accomplished so much. Wherever you end up you are a star and will continue to shine bright! Your family must be so proud. It’s not where you get in it’s everything you’ve done up to this point to get to your next step & you pretty much crushed high school! Good luck to you.

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Also was waitlisted :confused: I think they said supplemental materials would not play a huge factor in the decision but is anyone on here thinking about sending a loci?

hey your stats aren’t bad at all! Also, I got into UW as well hahaha go huskies

Where are you all thinking about committing?

@carid22 @marymcfet Even though they said they don’t want/need additional documents, I would still send a LOCI because a lot of people are going to too. Just say something about how you love the school and you’d go there if you get off the waitlist, any new updates if possible. You can probably search up sample ones online somewhere.

@coffeeturtle5 i’m debating between NYU, BU, or UMiami, or taking a gap year

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Bro you have good stats and really really strong ECs!! Idk how you weren’t accepted already

omg I have the same options except UMiami

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debating between Northeastern and UMiami…

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same with you haha, i think my case might be my test scores were on the lower side of the admitted students but lets hope for the best now! :slight_smile:

I don’t think scores matter this year. Waitlisted with a 35, woohoo.