University of Michigan Winter 2022 Transfer Thread

Hey y’all
Can’t believe no one’s down for Winter 2022 UMich transfer
At least I didn’t see any threads about it
I’ve just submitted everything and the checklist on the umich account is complete
Fingers crossed :wink:

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I thought the winter application only opened on August 1st?


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oh I got rejected by fall 2021 and then updated it to winter 2022 lmao

General question, is it possible to transfer to Ross in Winter?

idk man ross is hard to transfer to…
the acceptance rate is lower than 10% I guess??

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I might be moving to the US soon, and I am looking at some top schools to transfer to… Yeah, I agree its tough, but I am thinking of shooting for it… You never know

maybe u can try Econ at lsa?? ross is just hard

Do they let you apply to two majors?

How did you do that? I went to Common App and there is no mention of winter 2022?

man I was rejected for fall and updated to winter

same, but how did you update it to winter? I emailed the Transfer office and they told me that Winter 2022 applications only go live in August?

there’s a section called “verify application answers” and u’ll see how to update your term there

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Hey guys, does anyone know how many transfer students get accepted for the winter semester?

I’m not sure if Winter is more competitive than Fall for transfers, but do you guys think it could be especially hard this winter with the amount of people not getting off the first year waitlist as the other thread conveys?


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For those who updated your application to the Winter 2022 term, did you guys have to submit new essays or did your previous application essays carry over?

Hi everyone, I submitted my application last week but have not received my enrollment connect link. Is that normal?

I’m not sure but I think they often take some time before sending,
I wouldn’t worry too much.