university of michigan

<p>Hey everyone. I always thought that UMich had an undergraduate business school. But i searched around on their website...and they dont seem to have one...or maybe im an idiot...everyone tells me that UMich is known for its business program but im not finding anything...anyone want to clarify?</p>

<p>bigjake587 ... It wouldn't make you an idiot if you couldn't find something on the UMich website; that's one area where they don't rank high. However, the students who were rejected last year will tell you that they in fact have an undergradutate business school. Those who got in, and are working harder than ever, will tell you the same.</p>

<p>bigjake587 ... I forgot to mention that, at this point in time anyway, you do not apply for the UMich undergrad B-School until your sophomore year. The last I heard, they are looking to change it so that you could apply (and get accepted/rejected) before committing to UMich as a Freshman.</p>