University of Minnesota Freshman Courseload

Hi, I am an incoming freshman at the University of Minnesota majoring in Data Science. I have some questions about my course load for my first semester. Here is what I have for my schedule so far:

CSCI 1133
CSCL 1101W
CSE 1001
MATH 1371
PHYS 1301

This adds up to 16 credits. I am still not sure if I want to take CSCI 1133 this semester or if I should take a second Lib ed or University Writing instead. Does anybody have any insight into the coursework for CSCI 1133 and CSCL 1101W? Thanks.

You need to spread some of those courses out, Math 1371, Physics 1301, CSE 1001, will be plenty challenging.
Adding csci, which is time consuming, is very risky. Typically it’s taken during 2nd semester, I think, unless you have extensive cs experience already and you already took calculus.
Having a writing course will provide you with different types or assignements. A social science course that meets the “science, technology, society” requirement would likely be lighter but having just Physics and math (2 weedout courses)+1 writing course for 4 credits would likely make a better schedule.

Yes, agreed with comment above. How about a writing course or a freshman seminar or something that satisfies the social justice requirement.

So would this make more sense than before:

CSE 1001 (1 Credit)
MATH 1371 (4 Credits)
PHYS 1301 (4 Credits)
CSCL 1101W (3 Credits)
WRIT 1301 (4 Credits)

My advisor suggested that I take two extra classes along with CSE FYE, MATH 1371, and PHYS 1301. These would add up to 16 credits, I don’t really know much about CSE FYE so is that a class I should really count in my credits?

I already have the social justice requirement, but there are other lib ed requirements I can fill.

Or possibly a historical perspectives class instead of CSCL 1101W?

CSE FYE is a class that, if you just do what you’re told, you get an A. Do NOT mock that easy A. It may well be the only one you get freshman year. Even if what you’re learning seems odds or bogus or whatever, do the assignements seriously. Everything has been thought through to help you at some point and even if it doesn’t help you directly, that easy A will help your GPA.
Math and Physics are going to be weedout. Plan at least 2 hours of work for each class period and even that won’t guarantee a good grade (B or higher). Office hours will be a must, as will be any review session or student group to work on problem sets etc.
Then, you add two small, discussion-based or writing-based classes that meet liberal arts requirements; it’ll free slots later on, when you have the pre-reqs to take interesting advanced classes in your field.
How did you already complete the justice, power &society requirement? (APUSH?)
Pick a writing or reading heavy class, and a social science class like psychology.
Are you in the Honors college?

Okay gotcha. I completed that credit through PSEO in Rock History II. So my thought was taking either University Writing or AFRO 1023W and HSCI 1714. Do you think that would make sense and what would you suggest? No, I am not in the honors college.

My kid managed to get a B in that class. :roll_eyes: Hopefully he learned a lesson about blowing off the easy class.

Your kid is, alas, very common in that result. Hence the warning above :smiley: for OP. The temptation will be great, hopefully OP will resist :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s fashionable for freshmen to make fun of that class and blow it off to show they’re above what instructors include in it. They don’t get that 1° they teach what all freshmen need to know yet are proven not to necessarily know, so that, even if most don’t need most of the content, all need some of it. So, even if they don’t need one particular unit, someone does. 2° freshmen tend to need time to adjust and can have a rocky 1st semester. That “basic” class with its easy A’s is a way to offset a potential C or D in a key class. But they don’t see that till Finals (midterms if they’re savvy) :).
As a result, they look back “what was I thinking, sure it was basic, but why did I let that fact get in the way of such an easy A!” :slight_smile: 20/20 hindsight.
@student653911 : HSCI 1714+ either class should be fine.

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