University of Mississippi Scholarship Notification Timeline

Does anyone know the University of Mississippi’s timeline for sending out notifications for competitive scholarships?

My daughter got notified on Thursday she was a finalist for the Stamps Scholarship and has an interview on Wednesday.

Was she notified via her Ole Miss email or her personal email?

DD Stamps interview 2/4.
Personal Email and telephone notification.

Has anyone heard back regarding their Stamps interview? It has been over 3 weeks

@nonuser554837 , I am glad you asked. We have not heard anything. Do you know what is suppose to happen from here, such as another round interviews with Stamps people or how many did this past round and are moving on to the next round? We have no idea about anything.

Unfortunately, I have no information to share. Hopefully that means we are both still in the running. Good luck

They sent out Stamps notifications about 2 weeks ago and invited the recipients on campus last weekend

Congrats to the finalists!

@HoustonKen , thanks for letting us know! We can scratch this off the list.

Any news on Honors college scholarships or other big money ones?

My daughter was told by her admissions rep she would know by 4/1 if she qualified for any additional scholarships she had applied for.