University of Montevallo report.

<p>So, I improvised on this because Montevallo doesn't have a category under the College Visits thing. I visited today. I'm starting the college tour season with my safeties, so I'll be hitting most of the in-state (Alabama) schools I'm looking at in the summer. So, here you go: </p>

<p>Visit Activities:
Admissions Interview: No- I just toured.
Information Session: sort of, it was at the end of the tour, with the admissions officer and a viewbook.
Campus Tour: Yes</p>

<p>Montevallo College Campus:
Friendliness/Courtesy of Students: - N/A - summer. our tour guide was a rising senior, and really nice and peppy. </p>

<pre><code>Friendliness/Courtesy of Staff: 4 - eh, i only met one of the admissions guys, but he was really nice and laid back.

Appearance of Campus: 3- a couple of the buildings were gorgeous, and it had lots of pretty flowers and trees and shade. However, some of the buildings were kind of ugly, and since it was summer the grass had seen better days. However, the girls dorm that I would live in had all of this ivy on it- really really charming.

Building/Facilities Maintenance/Cleanliness: 3- good, but there was construction going on.

Dormitories: 4 - Very Good, we saw the tour guide's dorm room, which had nice high ceilings and a sink. The room was a lot bigger than Alabama's dorms, (which is the only other place I've seen). It was really cute.

Safety: 5, the campus has their own police, (who drive brand new Dodge chargers that look really badass), and there's a campus escort service that's available 24/7. I felt really safe.

Overall Campus Impression: 3- Some of the buildings were pretty, there was lots of shade, and the dorm we saw was really cute. However, the bricks, (one of the cornerstones of Montevallo- all of the roads/sidewalks on campus are red bricks), are deathtraps- I'm dead clumsy, so I didn't want to judge by that- but everybody on the tour kept tripping too, and the tour guide didn't walk backwards (ha- that would have been amazing, had she pulled that off), and even commented that she has a scar on her knee from tripping.

Area Immediately Around Campus: 2- Okay. There's a target, and there's a subway, and there are a couple of small-town shops, (a secondhand clothing store, a karate place, etc.) but it isn't really charming. It's just...

<pre><code>City/Town/Community: 3 - It's about 30 minutes away from Birmingham, and about 15 minutes away from Alabaster. Neither are very interesting.

Campus Visit Notes for University of Montevallo:

<p>Visit Description: We got there a little early and walked around a bit, and then went to the meeting place for the tour. The admissions officer was there, making the rounds and introducing himself, he was really nice, as was the tour guide, who was very happy to answer all questions. We took a wlking tour, (it was SO HOT. then again, it is Alabama in July, so I suppose that's unnavoidable.) A family showed up late, when we were done with the tour, so some of us took a driving tour with them, and went up to the Student Activity Center (which was locked, and REALLY far away from everything else- I would never get the motivation to go all the way up there to work out.)</p>

<pre><code>Hotel/Lodging Recommendations or Comments: We didn't stay, just drove through.

<p>Dining/Restaurant Recommendations or Comments: There's only one dining hall, and it seems like a pretty basic buffet- pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and an "exotic food bar" that alternates Thai food, Chinese food, etc.<br>
The other eating place on campus is the "Jazzman's Cafe" it has coffee, smoothies, muffins, sandwiches, etc. It was closed, though, so I can't attest to the quality of any of it.
We had to go about 15 minutes away for something to eat, (for breakfast), and it was a Cracker Barrel ( :/ ). There's a couple of fast food joints, and probably a couple of mom and pop places, but really- the dining hall is your best bet.</p>

<p>it's in Alabama, by the way.
I dunno if I put that up there.</p>

<p>I went here for one semester. I have to warn you: it's boring as ****, the brick roads are as bad as they look, and the academics are only so-so.</p>

<p>well damn.
oh well, it's a safety. I can completely understand about the boring though. I almost cried when I thought about living in the town. (the most exciting thing was a karate-class thing, and that's only because it was called "Karate-Do" which I thought was pretty hilarious and redundant.)
thanks for the insight :)</p>

<p>I went there, too...if you want a charming school where you will receive a quality education and make life-long friends, this is the place. Yes, the cobblestone is killer (several freshmen broke ankles); but wear flats and you're fine. You can walk everywhere, get to know everyone, and your teachers will know your name quickly. When I went there, there were no fast food places in town, and no cracker barrel close by...we went to an ancient sonic or the food mart. The scandal was when a club opened in town and served (gasp!) beer!
I seriously LOVE this place. Whenever I am back in Alabama, I go and visit. It holds a very special place in my heart. The most beautiful place on earth is Montevallo in the spring when the tulips and daffodills are blooming....if you want big and bustling, this is not it...if you want personal where you can be yourself, you're home.</p>

<p>LBJ--class of 1984</p>

<p>This is where I'll be stuck for the next year, and I'm not at all happy about it. Everyone I know that went there has one of two feelings about it: Love it, Hate it. I'm actually from Birmingham and live there at the moment. I thought Birmingham was boring, I could have torn my heart out and swallowed it when I was going through that town. It puts every single letter in the word boring. It makes Birmingham look like New York City. I hate it more than anything right now, but I just tell myself to focus on my education while I'm there and tough out that first year so I can move on to better days and better places.</p>

<p>If you want a party school, this is not the place. It is a very small LAC...if you want a frenetic pace, you need to go to a larger school in a major city. If you like a quiet pace, where for fun you spend time getting to know friends, try Montevallo.</p>