University of my dream!

<p>I am a junior, and I live in Virginia. I really want to go to Duke University, but I don't know if I am on the right track. </p>

<p>Gender: Female
Race: African American
GPA: 3.97 uw
I took 3 honors classes (math in my freshman year and biology and math in my sophomore year- no available honors courses for other subjects)
Junior Courses: All honors and APs courses (USH and psychology) but one elective and one extra class before school
Senior Courses: Plan to take 5 APs courses, one honor course and
one elective</p>

-Karate (national competitor- 3 hours per week)- 9,10
-Tutoring (2 hours per week)- 9,10
-Youth Extending Service - volunteering and doing community service- 9,10
I just tranferred from one state to another, so my new school has different clubs and organizations; also, I tried to find karate school to continue my lessons but I couldn't
-Science Club-11
-Chess Club- 11
-National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (one full week in Boston)-10
Next year, I hope to do some research with a professional and go to a special program, maybe like Governor's School, Stanford's Gifted Program or RSI, or take courses at a college</p>

<p>Community Services:
200+ hours
Habitat for Humanity, Sharing and Caring Hands, Sleep Bob (helping homeless people find a place to sleep in), Adopt-A-Highway, Study Buddies with elementary kids, Inter Reach (donating food to the homeless people), volunteering at the hospital during the summer (10)</p>

-A venture scholar
-National Society of High School Scholars
-Straight A's honor rolls for 2 years
-Karate Summer Program Award
-President's Gold Student Service Award (given to students who volunteers over 100 hours)</p>

<p>I like your stats. Your a junior? I really wish that I had access to websites like this one when I was a junior. Your stats seem a lot like mine. I'm a korean/hispanic male though and instead of Karate I'm a Tae Kwon Do guy. I have a few more EC's, but then again I'm a senior. I'd say that you are definately on the right track. Realize however, that Duke basically yields students only in the upper echelon of their respective classes. The standardized tests are critically important, so make sure that you are highly prepared. Duke has a very high average for both the ACT and SAT. The level of difficulty for your classes is also important, I'd just try to take the highest possible courses. Like for example, I could have graduated after my junior year because I had all the requirements, but I decided to stay and take like three science classes and the rest of the core classes. Make sure that you stand out from the crowd though, and can "offer something to the environment of Duke". Congrats on your achivements and continue your hard work and you should be fine. I like the unweighted gpa by the way.</p>

<p>yes you're on the right track academically, but yeah your ECs are weak because they aren't really all four years. Your volunteer stuff is pretty good though and RSI would be good if you get in. You did NYLF-Medicine? I did that too a couple years ago. Did you like it? Are you premed? if so duke is definitely a great school for that. URM could help. But yes take all of the hardest classes, get good grades, and get some leadership positions and you will be in good shape.</p>

<p>i am just wondering-how will my hearing impairment affect my chance of admitting in Duke?</p>

<p>um well, in and of itself it won't hurt your chances. did you write an essay about it or something? if it looks like you're trying too hard to capitalize on it that could hurt. are you completely deaf? either way, i don't think that it will really affect your chances that much.</p>