University of Nevada, Reno? Good Decision?

I’m currently a freshman at my local Community College in California. My major is Mechanical Engineering and one of my goals is to work for Tesla. I’ve been doing research in which schools could be the right fit for when I transfer. I then saw that they have a gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada which is about 30 mins from the University of Nevada, Reno, which I believe is the perfect place to land an internship and gain experience. I’ve only been here for less than a semester and I want to transfer ASAP because I am unhappy here. If I were to transfer would it be wise to do it ASAP and enroll in the Spring semester or hold it down and wait until Fall 2020?

Do you meet freshman requirements? Was your high school record strong enough to apply as frosh with less than 24 credits?
See here
Reach out to admissions rep.
How is your math? You will need to place into or fulfill math requirement to get into mech e.

If you wait to have more than 24 credits, you will be considered a transfer. Will you complete Core?
“For students entering the University of Nevada, Reno, completion of all IGETC or CSU Breadth requirements may permit a student to transfer from a California community college without the need, after transfer, to take additional lower-division Core Curriculum courses”
Contact your community college advisor
Contact a Transfer Recruitment Coordinator:
Kari Emm (775) 682-5928

I checked the admission requirements and I am good on all of them. It says 24 credits to transfer so if I stick it out for fall and spring at my CC i will satisfy the required credits.