University of Nevada Reno vs. Vegas??

Hi, I plan on attending college next fall with a major in either psychology or pre-law. I’m interested in applying to both UNR & UNV but I’m curious what the difference is between them regarding campus life/vibe, clubs, and academically. If anybody has gone to either one of them please let me know what school you chose and what you like/dislike about it. Thank you!!

UNLV is very commuter. Outside of the Hospitality and Business colleges, it’s poorly funded.
UNR is better academically and is more residential.
If you’re a Nevada resident, look into WUE. WWU or Call States would be better funded and better academically.

@getmeoutofak After touring both last year, we got the impression that UNR gave more of an east coast vibe with the architecture and mountain feel. UNLV was more urban being located near the strip.

Many of the students are locals or Nevadans as opposed to an international mix. UNR only has an honors program while UNLV hosts a separate Honors College on campus.

My son just graduated from UNR. Lot more campus life at UNR and opportunities to be involved and career prep (unless you are tourism and hospitality management…then go to LV).
There are lots of Northern Californians at the school due to its proximity and competitive merit scholarships. My son felt good about academics and accessibility to faculty. This is one school where they have reinvested in the undergrads, with new dorms, fitness center, and student services/tutoring facility. Greek life, clubs and intramurals available. Housing is getting a little tighter there because of the economy (Tesla, Google), but my son found affordable housing all four years, compared to California and Texas. His advisor was very helpful in making sure he graduated on time and even called him post-grad to see if he needed any career advice. It was also much cheaper to send our son here vs any CSU or UC…and Freshman were guaranteed to get their classes when my son started.

Living by the Las Vegas strip really doesn’t have any advantages for a college student, since everything is made for tourists who have lots of money to spend. Most students there are locals, so it’s just more of the same stuff they grew up with. Besides that, Vegas is a pretty unexciting place to live. UNLV is a commuter school, and that’s pretty much the culture you’re going to get. The plus side is that they have an excellent law school.

UNR is a traditional school in a college town. You’re going to get a real college vibe over there. The downside is that some people don’t like the frat/party culture that comes with it.