University of Nevada Reno

Does anyone know how the academics are at UNR? Im looking to major in Ecology. I keep reading on CC that Nevada’s education system is not good, and am hesitant to apply.
I already got accepted to Montana State, so if anyone has info about which is better please share.
(I know I posted this similar question before but I need more opinions)

@countryboy4life the elementary public system is not necessarily reflective of the college professors or programs. UNR has become more competitive in recent years as it has become more popular for Californians because of its relative affordability. Getting into difficult programs (engineering, nursing, computer science) is as competitive as most west coast public universities.

I don’t know much about that particular major, but I would contact the department and ask specific questions. Most people are happy to talk about their programs, but come to them with targeted questions.

My son was a geology major there—a strong program and a history behind its roots as a mining school. The undergrad experience there was excellent and he found the professors and advisors to be caring and accessible.

As a freshman, you are guaranteed getting into classes if you register in time. Graduating in four years, even if you don’t have a lot of AP or dual enrollment credits, is very possible…not the case for many public universities.

Also, our experience has been that a lot of the top schools throw money at research projects and sports programs and you don’t see where your undergraduate tuition goes. UNR has an amazing student services center, brand new dorms always being built, and a gorgeous and large rec center. There are tons of clubs and intramural activities. We definitely felt like we were seeing investment in the undergrad programs there.

The school doesn’t feel like a commuter school…and it’s not for the most part. There is definitely a campus, dorm and traditional college life.

My son’s advisor met with him every semester, helped him pick out courses, and discussed internship and career options. He was aware of department clubs and he was invited to local professional organizations and scholarship opportunities.

He has an entry level industry job right now that he selected (didn’t really do a strong job search) because he wanted to live in town and be involved with coaching his club team one more year. He plans to relocate and take a state exam and should find a stable career position next Spring.

My son felt challenged in his classes and multiple lab projects. The students are serious and those that aren’t can’t just slide their way through. I’m sure you can find their current freshman class statistics on their website.

I haven’t attended so I can’t give firsthand experience, but as a Nevada local with friends who went to UNR, the consensus is

It’s a much better school academically than UNLV, much better environment/location than UNLV, but it wouldn’t beat out a ton of other state schools.

Montana seems like a beautiful place and I have 3 Montana schools in mind, I’m not even bothering to apply in state as I don’t want to go to UNR or UNLV. However, that’s my personal preference and I don’t think you’d be unhappy at UNR.