University of New Hampshire vs. Lawrence University

<p>Hi Everyone!
I have auditioned and been accepted to both schools, but I'm torn between which school to attend. I'm a clarinetist and want to double major in music ed and performance. Does anyone know any helpful info about either school? Thanks!</p>

<p>My daughter is a freshman at UNH. She is a music ed major and her instrument is the oboe. She is very happy at UNH and the music department - me too. This semester she is playing in a quartet, and the professor in charge of the quartet is clarinet studio professor. She really likes the professor and loves playing the the quartet. She even has commented that the UNH clarinetist's are great people and great friends with each other but are not exclusive at all! My daughter's schedule is very full - lots of great music opportunities. </p>

<p>UNH's music ed department is known to be very good. My kids have had a few student teachers from UNH recently, and have had a number music teachers who have graduated from UNH - in school, private lessons and SYMS. Great music ed department - especially if you want to teach in NH. </p>

<p>My son is a senior in HS and is applying at UNH - he plays the clarinet, but he will audition on the piano and hopefully play clarinet in an ensemble. He is actually a composer. UNH has a lot of wonderful composers/professors. But he also wants something along the line of recording technology - so I do not know if he will end up at UNH.</p>

<p>I don't know anything at Lawrence, but really like UNH. Hope this helps.</p>