University of Notre Dame Religion Question

<p>Can someone give me a little insight into University of Notre Dame? Is it heavily influenced by Catholicism? Is it worth applying if you are not Catholic? Also, if you are not Catholic are you gonna be like in BYU? Can someone tell me about the religious activity of Notre Dame?</p>

<p>This is my first year at ND and I am not Catholic. The school is VERY Catholic in that the influence is very visable and premeates all aspects of life. That said, I have never felt that my religion was an issue. I attend Mass, I go to the Grotto, and I have a great respect for the Catholic church, but do not agree with all of its teachings. Many of my friends are Catholic, some are religiously active and some are not. It does not seem to make a difference (there are no "religion" police keeping an eye on you!) It may have actually made me a URM in the applicant pool, but most likely had no influence on my acceptance (I was admitted EA.) Religion does enter into some class discussions, especially in ethics, philosophy, political science, and of course, theology classes, and I have had priests as professors, but I have found that my views are respected, even when they are counter to the Church's views. From what I have heard about BYU, I would say that ND is a lot more tolerant and open to different lifestyles and views. It is conservative in many ways, tho, such as single gender dorms and parietals.</p>

<p>Alright Thank you so much! I am very open minded and very open about religion (have read the bible and the Koran as a Hindhu). I just dont like when people pick on me for not being in the majority</p>