University of Oregon Scholarships

My son was admitted to Oregon a couple of weeks ago. He likes the school and we are familiar with Eugene. Unlike other schools his acceptance letter did not come with a merit scholarship award. Instead they suggested he qualified to apply for a few including Stamps which looks to be extremely selective so a long shot to say the least. It appears they only award that one to 10 incoming freshman a year. He also appears to qualify for the U of O Excellence and Apex Scholarships. Does anyone know how selective those are or when they are awarded?

Our daughter received the U of O Excellence Scholarship last year ($60K over four years). Her stats were 3.7/4.2 GPA and 33 ACT. It was still expensive as an out of state student (About $40K). Awarded to her in January/February timeframe. It’s a really nice school though and we liked it a lot.

Her ASU Scholarship was full ride OOS tuition for four years (130K+) so she is there now in the honors college.

Thanks for the reply. He actually got an email last night and received the Summit Scholarship which is 40k (10k per year). It appeared he was still being considered for U of O Excellence and Stamps, Which it seems are awarded later. I think Oregon would be a good fit but he already has better merit offers from other schools. U of Arizona offered him a little more and that coupled with location make it significantly less expensive for us. His stats are similar to your daughters 3.7/4.4 1430 SAT. Unfortunately I think his scholarship offers will be lower because almost all the schools he’s applied to have gone test blind. At U of Arizona that meant a 30k reduction in scholarship offer.

@nucities , has he applied to ASU? They have a number of scholarships for OOS students? Did he take the PSAT last year? Is he an underrepresented minority by chance? What state are you located in?

Not an underrepresented minority. His mom is Swiss but that doesn’t do much for us ;). He took the PSAT two years ago. He’s not a fan of Phoenix/Tempe/ASU. It’s more about the city than school. We are in California.

He did. We figured why not. He has a ton of volunteer hours working with kids which ended up leading to the job he’s had as a recreational coordinator for the kids of essential workers. It’s a Hail Mary really but without more merit aid Oregon is probably too expensive for us.

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