University of Oregon visit

Hi there. My daughter got into the Clark Honors college and we are hoping to visit the campus since we haven’t seen it yet. Can anyone speak to the honors college for NON STEM students (I have read how it’s hard for STEM kids to fit all their science requirements but that won’t be the case.) Also is anything open on Campus now? Thanks for any feedback about the university and campus tour suggestions.

Hi, CHC Alum here!

  1. I’m not sure whether your daughter is considering a BS or a BA, but the CHC adds considerable coursework for BS students (even non STEM ones, like business, poli sci, psych, etc.) because it requires 2 years of a second language. This is time/money I personally would’ve preferred to spend on another minor related to my interests or career.
  2. The CHC is a great way to make a large university feel small and get the best of both worlds. Living in the Honors College dorms is a fantastic way to make like-minded friends quickly.
  3. The differential tuition is no joke, and CHC’s demographics are affected b/c of it. There are fewer low-income and POC students in the CHC, which is a huge bummer in discussion-based classes.
    Let me know if you or your daughter have specific questions. I’m happy to answer honestly as I’m an alum :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I did hear that they have made the tuition difference much less than it used to be due to those concerns, and with the Summit scholarship the tuition falls in a very acceptable range compared to some other schools. We would need to look into those extra requirements like a language- although personally I think taking a language is a good thing! Do ALL the honors students live in the honors dorm or do some choose not to? Although I would think to get the true benefits one should live there. I’m not sure how long ago you were a student since you mentioned you are an alum. Perhaps it’s not the same now? I feel like it would be a nice way to make the school seem smaller and also be surrounded by intellectual minds. Thanks for your feedback!