University of Oregon vs University of Colorado

<p>I live in CO so thats a plus for CU, and I have visited there. But, the types of Biology they have are mainly cellular biology and environmental biology, while I am more interested in Human Biology, because I would later like to go on to Med school, or something like that. Oregon has a Human Physiology major which is hard to find. </p>

<p>1)Which has better biology programs?
2) Which is more prestigious (like on an app to Med school)
3) Has good sororities?
4) I know they are both hippy, but what kinds of hippy? Like a smoke weed hippy or a save the world kind of hippy?
5) Provides the best all around college experience</p>

<p>1) For what you're interested in, I would say Oregon wins, although they're neck and neck in most academic categories.
2) I think Colorado is slightly more selective, but Oregon is well known (at least around PacNW) for its Biological sciences.. and its close to California and Washington which both have AMAZING graduate schools for Biology and Med-school.
3) Oregon has pretty non existent sororities, and you're likely to be made fun of for being in one that they do have. But there are so many other things to do that sororities are really not a necessity.
4) I believe Colorado and Oregon are both known for being "green" in that there's lots of weed and lots of eco-friendliness. I think Oregon has a little bit more hipster culture, which would be the recycling movement and the...not showering.
5) I think they're both known to be really great college towns, but Eugene is close to Portland, the coast, Seattle, and Ashland.. whereas Boulder is sort of trapped in the mountains. One is cold, the other is wet.</p>

<p>If your major reason for considering Oregon has to do with med school admissions, then save your money and go to UC-Boulder at in-state rates. Including travel, you'd be paying about $12K/year more for UO at OOS rates compared to UC at IS rates. For med school, it really does not matter what you major in as long as you take the requisite pre-med courses. Neither school is more prestigious than the other.</p>

<p>UC Boulder has a program called "Integrative Physiology" (Integrative Physiology). It offers courses in human anatomy and physiology.</p>

<p>US News ranks Biological Sciences programs at the graduate level. It ranks Colorado #30 and Oregon #56. (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>

<p>^ Best answer.</p>

<p>Boulder's "hippy" ness" is a bit of a myth. It exists, but it's far, far less prevalent than people imagine. Most of the students are preppy or preppy wanna be's. The Greek scene is considerable, as is the football culture, both possibly stronger than at Oregon. By the way you phrase your questions it sounds like that's what you're looking for and it sounds like Boulder would be the better fit. As for academics, for premed it doesn't matter what you study. You could be a philosophy major and still get into med school provided you took the required sciences, had great grades/MCAT scores.</p>

<p>I know that it's hard to have an objective opinion of your own in-state publics - growing up in VA, I just thought of UVA and Wm & Mary as the local state colleges. But you should be aware that a sizable chunk of HS seniors all across America dream about the all-around college experience at Boulder.</p>