University of Oregon vs University of Colorado

<p>I live in CO, so I have been to visit U of Colorado before, so if someone could tell me what Oregon is like that would be awesome. I want to major in something like biology, but afterwards I want to go to Med school or something similar. While the Biology program mainly is about environmental and cellular biology, Oregon has a human physiology major, which is great.</p>

<p>Anyways, here are my questions:
1)Which school has a better sciencey program for what I need?
2) What is the student life like at each school?
3)What is the Greek life like? I want to join a sorority.
4) Which college is more highly ranked (looks good on med school apps)
5) Any other information would be great :)</p>

<p>I don't have an answer for you but I am pretty much in the same boat. I'm not sure I want to do med school but I want to do something in bio. by u of CO do u mean boulder? haha not very familiar with co schools</p>

<p>1) I know that University of Oregon and Colorado both are well known for having research facilities, both of them holding Biology as one of the most common majors. I'm assuming this means they match up pretty well.
2) From what I've heard, they're both very "green" schools... this includes the stereotypical eco-friendly hipsters and the potheads.
3) Oregon's greek life is nearly non-existent and you're likely to be made fun of for joining a sorority.
4) Once again, I think they rank neck and neck, but Colorado may be just slightly more selective.</p>

3) Oregon's greek life is nearly non-existent and you're likely to be made fun of for joining a sorority


<p>I disagree. There's a fair amount of Greek life on campus and I have plenty of friends who are in a fraternity or sorority and who have received no lash whatsoever because of it. Are you speaking from personal experience or from what you've heard?</p>

<p>The Greek system is far from "non existent." In fact, new sororities and fraternities are being chartered at the UO every year because the demand to join one is so high. The percentage of total students in the Greek system is fairly low still (somewhere around 15% I believe) so it's far from something you have to do to have a good social life at UO, but it's a healthy system and well respected across the campus.</p>