University of Ottawa or Toronto?

<p>I'm a high school student in the States, and I'm planning on studying either history or politics. Which school, Ottawa U or UoT, would be better for that?</p>

<p>University of Toronto, without question. U of T is very strong in both history and political science. If you wish to study IN Ottawa, Carleton is a better choice than the U of Ottawa.</p>

<p>HST's advice basically echoes what I've heard on studentawards.</p>

<p>Yeah I have similar interests and have had U of T recommended to me by a Canadian professor, so I think she would know.</p>

<p>UT should be much stronger all around.</p>

<p>So... I've heard Carleton is good for foreign relations, but if I do choose to study history, would Carleton be better than Ottawa still?
The only thing I'm worried about is getting admitted. I take AP classes and (for my 11th year) I have a grade average of a B+. Do i have a good chance of getting into Toronto?</p>