University of Pacific UOP 2018 accelerated Dental program

Did anyone get admitted to 2+3 or 3+3 or 4+3 program at UOP? I received a letter that I have been admitted but did not tell me if it is 2_3 or 3+3

I got admitted to the program as well. The admission office said that the placements are assigned in late February and early March, so you will receive another letter around then.

They offered my kid 5,6, or 7 years. We can choose one we want. Remember 5 years (2+3) does not give you a Bachelors degree and my understanding is that after dental school, you cant do specialization (I may be wrong)
@cashew18 Did you get a letter detailing which option(s)

@cashew18 are you planning to enroll? We are seriously considering it.

@kfog Yes, I am 99% positive that I will enroll in the program with the 3+3 track. Hopefully you will eventually choose to attend as well :slight_smile:

@kfog I actually know someone who is currently in the program (3+3). If you have any question, please feel free to reach out!

is it hard to maintain a good gpa?

I received the letter detailing my program in late February 2018. I got into the 2+3 pre-dental program.

A lot of people come in still having the HS mindset aka senioritis. I know quite a few predents who didn’t do well their first semester because they would just study passively the day before or two days before an exam(aka me but I was also involved in time-consuming extracurriculars). You can do that in HS but not in college as the science exams are generally more difficult. Looking back, those introductory classes are doable but you just need to study for them. Studying ACTIVELY about 3 days before an exam should guarantee you a good grade. Also, the curve is there to help you but not completely save you. I did the mistake of relying on the curve and ended up with an embarrassing grade XD it really just makes a partial grade difference ex: C=>C+
I don’t know if you are still going to UOP but don’t let this scare you! Even if introductory classes are hard they act as a wake-up call for college. The predents I know who got like C+ in Gen Chem turned their game around and are doing above requirements. If you do happen to get a C in your introductory class it just means you have to study harder for your other sciences. It’s possible to still to do well over requirements with a C! Don’t get two Cs though XD
Good luck wherever you are going :slight_smile:

@cashew18 Hey, i’m very interested in applying for this program; however, i’m not sure if my stats would qualify. Do you mind posting what kind of stats you had? Thank you!

I have a 4.00 GPA, 33 ACT, 11 AP’s, and lots of extracurriculars including oral surgery shadowing and hospital volunteering. Would I be able to make it?

How difficult is it to maintain the needed GPA in the program?

what were ur stats?