University of Pennsylvania - Class of 2025 Early Decision

Everyone post stats, ECs, school/major of choice, and your general thoughts on the application process.

GPA: 3.82 out of 4
SAT: 1530 (superscored)

School of Choice: College of Arts and Sciences
Major of Choice: Political Science or Philosophy, Politics, and Economics


  • State House internship
  • Lobbying firm internship
  • State Senate Campaign Field Organizer
  • Worked at a presidential campaign HQ for the month of August, 2019 and flew back out to help coordinate HQ phone banking operations in January, 2020 before the IA Caucuses.
  • Member of the school disciplinary committee for three years.
  • Head Delegate of Model UN Team and President of the Democrats Club
  • Campaign management firm internship where I focused on researching marijuana policy and assisting in a state representative campaign.
  • Current chairman of a local village steering committee for the 6,000 person village I live in.
  • Alternate member on my town's historic district commission.
  • Did Varsity Crew for the past four years at my school.
  • Elected a delegate for my town to the Democratic State Convention in 2019 and 2020.
  • Poll worker at my local polling location for the past four elections.

Extra Comments:

  • Won the Award for Excellence in Chinese IV (the school’s highest class in Mandarin)
  • Am a legacy.

Overall Comments:
I honestly don’t think I’ll get in but I’m giving it a shot because I’d love to attend; honestly though, wherever we attend college we’ll only be as successful as we push ourselves to be. So I’ll be sure to make the absolute best of wherever I get in and decide to be for the next four years! Also once you are smart enough to ED to a school like Penn and even hope to get in then it honestly just becomes a crapshoot dependent on what the school is seeking in applicants or need more of that year.

URM(Hispanic), 1st generation immigrant, middle-high income, male, live in Indiana

most competitive school in the state, private, upper school population of around 400, regularly send 10-15 to Ivy every year, 10-13 to Ivy equivalents. Small grade, 74 students.

ACT 34, Superscore 34
GPA 3.9, WGPA 4.21
CEFR (European Language academy thing) B2 French accreditation (max is C1)
School doesn’t class rank

GPA Disclaimer I was a wild kid freshman year so i messed up hard, but ever since second semester sophomore year, I have been straight A’s, not a single A-

All classes at my school are considered “honors” relative to their equivalents in my state, but here are my AP’s:

AP Spanish (9th): 5
AP French (10th): 4
French Seminar/ aka college level stuff after AP (11th)
Spanish Seminar/ college level stuff after AP (12th, did it for fun more than anything)
APUSH (11th): 5
AP Lang (11th): 5
AP Micro (11th): 4 (Ik, it sucks but it was the Covid test so it screwed me up a bit)
AP Macro (11th): 4
AP World History (12th)
AP Psychology (12th)
AP Calc AB (12th) (my school organizes math very weirdly, will not doing BC hurt me a lot?)
AP Stats (12th)
AP Lit (12th)

Honestly the typical stuff, not my proudest category

College Board Hispanic Recognition Program Award
Honor Roll all 4 Years
AP Scholar with distinction
Cum Laude Commendation all 4 years
Varsity Letter (2 years)

Wharton Business Program (Global Youth Scholars) Future of the Business World (11th)

IU Kelley MEET Kelley program (11th)

President of Young Investors Club (9th-12th)

Foreign Immersion Program in Toulouse, France (10th)

Kumon Math Student (9th-12th)

MUN Club member (9-12th)

Varsity Soccer (9-10)

Kumon Tutor and Bookeeper (10th-12th)

Spanish Retirement Home Volunteer and Aide (10th)

Teaching Assistant at my school for Spanish III (12th)

Portfolio management (11-12th)

Wont talk about essays and rec’s, since everyone says theyre amazing so whats the point in saying mine are aswell lolllllll

Hi all! I’m a current student at Penn Engineering. If anyone has any application questions or questions about anything Penn related, feel free to PM me!

I’m applying to CAS with no SAT and am an international student. How bad is that?