University of Pennsylvania Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Hello everyone, I did not see a transfer thread for this cycle so I thought I would start one. AFAIK decisions should release sometime in mid-May.


I recognize you from Vandy’s transfer thread. Are you applying to Vanderbilt again?


I believe it’s confirmed May 17

I saw that a couple of people received emails to schedule interviews with Penn’s admissions… anyone else receive that?

I think it’s only for Nursing applicants.

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Oh ok that would make sense. It had me really concerned for a minute.

Also, why is this forum so inactive? Does anyone know when Penn is expected to release decisions?

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May 16 or 17 I believe


Does anyone mind sharing where do you find out that May 17th is the notification date?

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could you elaborate? i thought columbia said ‘early may’

I can’t remember where I saw this so maybe I’m wrong but I do remember seeing May 17

how many people applied this year?

For reference, in the last 6 (2015-2020) years number of applicants ranged from a low of 2454 (2016) to a high of 2952 (2019).

2015: 2,506
2016: 2,454
2017: 2,715
2018: 2,685
2019: 2,952
2020: 2,506

Do we need to send our 2nd semester transcript?

no, did you turn in your mid term report?

this thread is so dead haha but for future transfer applicants stalking this thread- the confirmed decision date came out yesterday and was announced to be may 18th at 7:00 pm est : )

does this thread being dead indicate less transfer applicants? I have noticed a similar trend with other transfer threads.

Highly doubtful.

is there discord?