University of Pittsburg

<p>Our son was accepted at Pitt Honors Program with some aid and a more "prestigious" school without significant aid. Pitt seems to have heavy science emphasis though the philosophy and few other areas are noted to be be pretty good. Any thoughts about journalism, international relations or economics at Pitt?</p>


<p>Liked Pitt on initial visit, on hindsight, it is a very large school, a school we passed on</p>

<p>We know a number of Pitt grads who loved the school…and also loved Pittsburgh.</p>

<p>My daughter is part of the Pitt Honors Program. She was NEVER going to attend Pitt, but applied because we insisted. She was disappointed that she HAD to attend Pitt, because her top tier schools either waitlisted her, or did not provide enough money for her to attend.</p>

<p>She tells us now that on the second day, she knew she was going to love it there, and she has! She has had so many opportunities, that it’s apparent this was the place she was meant to be.</p>

<p>Before she enrolled, I knew it was a great school, but now that she’s been a student there, I have to admit it has even exceeded my expectations.</p>

<p>She chose Honors’ housing. For her, that was a critical component to her happiness.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>we met two honors program students and faculty today. I’m very impressed at the degree to which people are committed to helping each other and making the most of the experience. Not sure what our son will do but the visit made a HUGE difference in our perception and most importantly, our son’s perceptions and willingness to entertain Pitt as an option.</p>