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I just wanted to let everyone know that our fall 2018 application is now open:

A Pitt Admissions Staffer

@hailtopitt1787 if I do not fill the Social security number on the profile section of the application can I come back and do it later (before I submit it) when I get my social security card out?

Good luck to all. Pitt was my DS’s first application last year and was very disappointed with merit scholarship awarded. He had much better outcomes from other schools later.

D applied this afternoon. Excited to see how this process unfolds.

Does anyone know if there is a priority deadline for Pitt admissions?

Hello -@hailttopitt1787 I am a high school student who has earned college credit at two different colleges. I completed the college credits at my high school - I did not “attend” these colleges but have about 21 credit hours from them at this point. For the application question “List all colleges and universities attended including the University of Pittsburgh, if previously attended” do I list these two colleges and submit the GPA I have at both of them? I already listed the college classes under the transcript section and put them as “college in high school”. Thanks.

Hello, @aj1177! You can go back and edit the application multiple times before submitting (including the Profile Information section you are referring to).

Hello, @Birdcage331! Please also list them in the Educational History section.

A Pitt Admissions Staffer

@hailtopitt1787 I filled out everything except my GPA and Rank. Do I have to wait to get the confirmation from my counselor, because it’s going to take a while… And I want to submit as soon as possible

@John Thomas, If you are filling out the Self Reported Academic Record, you want that to match your GPA and Rank exactly as they appear on your transcript. If you need to confirm that with your counselor, it would be best to wait and make sure you have the correct numbers. If you already know that the numbers are correct, you can go ahead and submit the application.

But you should know that we will compare your SRAR to your official high school transcript if you enroll at Pitt. Accuracy in completing the SRAR is very important. Discrepancies and misrepresentations could result in the Admissions Committee revoking your admissions decision.

Hope that helps clarify!
A Pitt Admissions Staffer

@hailtopitt1787 thank you!

D18 has started her application through the Coalition App. Does she need to also create an ID through the Pitt site to complete the SSAR and check the status of her application? Also, we received a paper granting a waiver of the application fee for doing the tour last year, but we can’t find it now. Is it still possible to get the fee waived?

@hailtopitt1787 what do I put for the SRAR if my school uses block scheduling (4 classes per semester) with only one final grade on my transcript?

Hello, @shortnuke!

Once you submit your Coalition Application to Pitt, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for completing the Self-Reported Academic Record. Once we have your application, you should also get an email from Pitt’s Technology Help Desk with information about activating your applicant account to check the application status.

For the fee waiver question, I recommend you give our office a quick call: 412-624-7488. (Or shoot us an email at We will be happy to assist you.

A Pitt Admissions Staffer

Anyone having difficulties submitting the short answers? It’s saying that my email and password can’t be verified but I’m able to log in and recently submitted my SRAR.

Hello, @NursingMan! I am sorry to hear that you are having technical difficulties. I would recommend trying a few things:

  1. Clear cookies in your browser or try another browser.
  2. Submit a help ticket to the group that builds the application (there is a “help” link in the top left corner of the application).
  3. Submit the application without the optional short answer questions and then fill the short answer questions out on this web form instead:

A Pitt Admissions Staffer

Just submitted my app! Only have the SAT’s to submit! Pitt is my dream! Btw, this is not my real name!

My daughter’s app is submitted and Pitt is her #1 choice too! Good luck to you! So exciting!

Best of luck, John Thomas and @Nursingmom2!

What is the typical turn around time from time of submission? … assuming ACT scores received.
My daughter submitted on July 31st. App was transferred to admissions on Aug 2. She has not yet received the Pitt tech email yet.

Good luck to all applicants. A couple of things to consider:

  • I believe you don't have to submit the short answers to apply and to be accepted but I believe you do for consideration for merit awards. If they aren't required for merit I'm sure they are highly recommended which is always code for 'you better do them'.

-If you apply early with previous test scores and get accepted but take ACT/SAT in the fall and get better scores you can submit your new scores to be considered for merit awards. I believe the Scholarship committee starts meeting in November.