University of Pittsburgh - pittsburgh camlus

I would like to know my chances of getting into the Pittsburgh campus of university of Pittsburgh and any advice to improve my application.
GPA W : 4.46
SAT 1780 reading 590 math 570 writing 620 but I will be retaking it in October to hopefully improve my scores significantly
Junior year classes = AP Bio,AP physics, AP Lang, AP us history,honors spanish 4,honors trig, health/personal finance
Senior year = AP calc, AP Lit, AP psych,AP human geography, honors spanish 5, yearbook
I was in soccer for 2 years,track 3,and cross country 2. I was involved in SHOP freshman year. Im in envirothon (3years), FBLA (2 years and officer senior year),NHS. I also have volunteered at my hospital and I work at a department store at our mall.