University of Portland?

<p>Note: Sorry if this is supposed to be in the Christian Colleges sub-forum; however, the vibe in there seemed to be that the Catholic schools are a part of the mainstream and not what one would consider "Christian." </p>

<p>Would anyone like to share their knowledge, thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. about the UP? </p>

<p>I did visit, and I absolutely LOVED the city and campus. However, compared to the other Catholic university I visited (Seattle U), Portland seemed a lot more conservative. Going to a Catholic High School I have no problems with taking religious classes and everything, but in general I got the vibe that UP was a lot more conservative across the board (politically, socially, etc.). I also got the vibe that a lot of the students were stuck in high school as when I flipped through a yearbook in the admissions office it was filled with Homecoming Dance pictures and a whole lot of other high-schoolish dances and events.</p>

<p>Anyonee?? (bump)</p>

<p>Have you looked at Gonzaga in Spokane.?GU is usually ranked the second best Catholic university on the West Coast behind Santa Clara.</p>

<p>Portland is usually bunched together with the University of San Francisco, the University of San Diego and Loyola Marymount with St. Mary's not too far behind. All are considered to be better than average colleges</p>