University of Redlands Class of 2023

I’ve been waiting for someone to start a discussion for class of 2023. Curious why there isn’t more on CC about Redlands?

My daughter was accepted on 12/14. EA very generous scholarship and University Grant. my older daughter attends there as well. We are from Northern California.

@CaliMck15 Sounds like our daughters are in the same boat! Also accepted 12/14 with amazing Achievement scholarship - and we are also from N. Cal. Just made an appointment to tour the campus after New Year’s. Would love to hear about your older daughter’s experience.

Just visited Redlands and it has moved up on my D’s list - she really liked it and will go back for Admitted Student’s Day. We posted a review on Campus Vibe.

My son (SF Bay Area) was admitted with the Achievement Award for merit. We toured the campus in October and had a lovely experience. The admissions counselor and tour guide were great. The campus and students seem very nice, but the Inland Empire area seems less than desirable. My son really likes Redlands, but my husband and I are very upset that a classmate and longtime “friend” has apparently already given his deposit to Redlands, and we very much wished that relationship would extinguish after high school…

Curious how your older daughter is enjoying her experience at Redlands. Any advice on do’s and don’ts, especially with food and housing?

Can someone tell me if the Speech Language Pathology (undergrad) program have successful rate of preparing them into a SLP Master’s program?

Committed to Redlands last week. Accepted on 12/14 as well with full ride. Went to admitted student day and fell in love. The atmosphere is beautiful and the people were so kind. Professors and advisers were very considerate and care about their students. I love it here