University of Redlands Financial Aid

Son admitted to Univ of Redlands, received a very generous Academic Achievement Award. But we’ve been told an additional Financial Aid package will arrive soon – anyone else still waiting? Or remembers this from previous experience? Wanting to get a hint of what to hope for – if total is closed to CSU costs, our son will be a Univ of Redlands Bulldog!

It just came in the mail today! My daughter didn’t get much beyond the Achievement Award, but the cost isn’t too far above the CSU’s.

Thx, Mom2jl! We got an envelope from Redlands just yesterday (3/5) & got all excited! But it wasn’t the financial aid info we are waiting on – it was a letter from some parents of Univ of Redlands students. Actually, one current student & one graduate. I’m sure the letter is meant to give us that parent prospective on choosing a college, which is nice. They said their daughters absolutely loved the school & the parents are very happy to have sent them there. But, truth be told, we were hoping it was the financial aid letter. Even a little more $ would be helpful … Perhaps our kids will be Bulldogs together?? :slight_smile:

Hope it arrives soon. We were also waiting with baited breath and it arrived in the mail on 2/25 postmarked 2/18…so it took awhile but we are on the east coast. Her admission to the School of Music also was postmarked two weeks prior to arrival (and looked like it had been through the ringer). She is very excited to be a Bulldog!

Clarinet13mom – Here we are at the end of the week & still no financial aid letter! Yet ANOTHER letter from Redlands arrived on Weds. & again, we were so excited, but it was another false alarm. Although a very nice letter, it was the chair of the Mathematics Dept writing to my son. He wants to major in math! SO didn’t get that talent from me! Fingers still crossed that maybe it will come tomorrow. Just tough to wait since we would like to make a second campus visit – wanted to know what kind of numbers we are facing before then … :((

Got mine in the mail today.
I don’t know exactly how financial aid works, but it seems like what I got was pretty good. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that.

With the $24,000 scholarship and all the grants, it seems like almost all of my tuition is paid for.
My total cost of attendance is around $14k. However, since Room and Board is $13k, I’d be paying about $1,000 if I commute.

Wow! A big congrats, PeanutBuddha (love the username!)!!

Ahh!! I typed way more into my reply to PeanutBuddha!! Why didn’t it show up??

Thanks CaliMom :slight_smile:
If you have anything you wanted ask that didnt show up on your post, feel free to ask me here or PM me.

Hi, peanutbuddha – I tried to PM you, but it didn’t work, couldn’t send it. Probably “user error.” :slight_smile: I just wanted to know if you would be willing to share what, according to FAFSA, was your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)? I’m wondering how close (or how far) your financial aid package from the University of Redlands came to your EFC. If this isn’t something you would want posted here, go ahead & PM me. I’m sure you are better at technology than I am! Everyone is! Thx. And congrats again on getting into a great school at a great deal! Go Bulldogs!!

A follow-up for others who may still be waiting on the financial aid from the Univ. of Redlands – we received our package on Saturday, March 19. After the previously awarded academic achievement award & an additional grant, the aid total leaves us with a $26,000 balance for us to pay. With $7000 total in loans available, that leaves $19,000 for us to pay each year. My son also got work study for $2900/yr, which will help provide $ for books/incidentals because if we choose Redlands, our budget will be pretty tight. We think we can do it, though. Going to find out what a monthly pymt would look like & go from there. We hoped for a little more in grant $, but realize our son can receive a private univ education, much more 1:1 class time with professors & practically guaranteed graduation in 4 years. And the cost is less than a CSU that would likely take more than 4 years, so that would be even more tuition payments! It’s not a final decision for us quite yet, but we just wanted others to see this updated info as they consider Redlands. Thanks!

Glad to hear it might work out for your son!