University of Redlands=Party School?

<p>This summer I went to Redlands and toured, and from the way the tour guide and admissions counsler made it seem, Redlands seems like a really good, safe school. However, upon researching it further online, I came across quite a few people who claimed that it was a party/drinking school, and still those who said it wasn't. I would really rather avoid partying, drinking and drugs, so can anyone tell me, is the presence of the party scene based on who you hang out with?</p>

<p>It's based on who you hang out with. My son and his roommate, both athletes concerned about nutrition and health, are not into the party scene. My guess is that Redlands is like many small colleges; parties can be found, but there's plenty for non-partiers to do as well. There's a very active outdoor recreation club that plans weekend and day trips to do hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc, so that's one option if you want to get away completely. There are movies, concerts and lectures as other options.</p>

<p>My daughter is also a student at Redlands and does not party. Nevertheless she was busy every weekend with clubs, friends, movies, etc. and always had to struggle to make room for all her activities and studying. College is truly what you make of it, at Redlands and elsewhere.</p>