University of Rhode Island BFA

Does anyone know anything about this program? My daughter’s voice coach suggested it, I think as a safety school since as far as I can tell there’s no audition. The website is not super detailed, so I was hoping someone here might have some insights.

For all the research I did last year, I was not able to find any school in RI that offered a BFA in MT. Unless it’s changed since last year. But I looked at URI website and they offer a BFA in Acting, Directing, Design and Technology, Stage and Theatre Management. No MT…

They do not offer a MT program. However, it’s a good idea to check out Acting, Drama, Theater programs that offer a lot of opportunities, include voice, music and dance courses and are not audition based even if Audition MT programs first choices

@ElizaDoolittle we toured URI last year . We even had a private tour of the theatre facilities. The program had a nice theatre curriculum and everyone was extremely nice but it seemed as though theatre was an afterthought. The theatre complex was kind of run down and separated from the campus.