University of Richmond, Boston University, William and Mary, Washington and Lee Chance Me?

I am a high school senior (currently), female, Italian/White, from NJ looking into International Relations (Middle East), History, and Arabic.

-SAT: 2080 - Writing: 720, Reading 700, Math 660
-SATII US History: 660, Math 1: 650, Biology: 720
-Weighted GPA so far, 4.0 scale: 5.1
-Unweighted: 4.2
-Grades so far this year: A’s and A+'s
-Senior Year Courses: IB HL Bio, Journalism, IB SL Business and Management, IB HL English, IB HL European History, AP Government and Politics
-Junior Year (test scores in parentheses): AP US history (5), IB SL Math Studies (7), IB SL Spanish (6), AP English Language (5)
-Only 3 years of Spanish and high school math (Alg II, Geometry and IB Math), but a fourth year of math from a summer course Pre-calc at my county college
-IB Diploma candidate

-Staff Writer, then Copy Editor, then Webmaster, now Editor in Chief of school newspaper
-Class VP freshman year, then Event Coordinator and Class Representative sophomore year
-Math League all high school
-Competition horseback riding, Western, for 7 years
-Volunteer at Therapeutic Riding Facility, Freedom Horse Farms, for 7 years; last 2 years I am a Senior Volunteer - leadership role with increased responsibilities
-Band (alto Eb clarinet) freshman and sophomore year - forced to stop for scheduling reasons, but willing to continue playing instrument in college
-Spanish Honor Society member, National Honor Society member
-winner of in-school Literary Magazine contest
-winner of Wellesley College Book Award 2014
-own my own jewelry business, a non-profit that I run to donate to the riding facility I volunteer for

What do you think are my chances for getting into:
University of Richmond
Boston University - 3 cousins of mine are alumni or currently attending
William and Mary - Letter of recommendation from alum, who was President’s Aide, member of the Honor Council, Student Alumni Liaison Council, College Choir, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Omicron Delta Kappa
Washington and Lee

Thank you soo much! :slight_smile:

A few things. First of all, cousins attending boston university because schools only consider direct family as a legacy… Also is the letter of recommendation from the alum based off of merit or a personal relationship? Also your only SAT II that I think is worth sending in is Bio because you’re other two are actually pretty weak. But besides that awesome EC’s and gap so I like your odds. I think you’ll definitely get into BU but the other three I honestly have no idea.

*First of all, cousins attending boston university doesn’t matter because schools only consider direct family as a legacy.

let of rec was both merit and personal. are you a BU student?

I think you have a decent shot at W&L. I would say same for W&M, but that letter may prove to seal the deal. BU I think you are in for sure.

FYI, W&L will begin offering arabic this coming fall term.

I think you are getting into Richmond, Boston, and William & Mary. I think your test score may be a tad below what you need for Washington & Lee.

I love that you’re editor-in-chief of your newspaper. Coming from a fellow newspaper guy (Features Editor!), that is awesome. The Sophomore class representative counts as leadership too, which is good. But can I suggest adding a tad bit more leadership to your resume? Could you become a secretary or a treasurer in one more club perhaps? I think that would help your resume a little bit. Otherwise, I love what you’ve put together here!

Test scores are a bit low for the average for Richmond. Other than that you might have a fair shot. You have a great GPA and E.Cs!