University of Richmond waitlist for 2024

Anyone know if the University of Richmond has accepted students off the wait list yet?

Yes, they have begun taking students off the waitlist starting last week.

Does anyone know if they are releasing the decisions by area?

@caligirl21255 do you know what area they are from or how many people they’ve pulled? is it ur friend who got off?

My son received a call last week letting him know he was accepted off the waitlist. Now waiting to see where the financial aid offer comes in at.

I’m not sure as to how many they’ve pulled, but on another forum called Richmond RD 2024, multiple people had commented as to receiving calls off the waitlist, so that is where I am getting my information from. I don’t know what area they are from.

Has anyone heard anything else as to whether they are taking more students off the waitlist currently?

Anyone get financial aid from the waitlist?

My daughter was accepted from the waitlist but turned it down. Good luck to everyone!!!

When was she accepted? Yesterday? Also, would you mind saying what state you’re from?

@caligirl21255 I was accepted off the waitlist last Friday. I am from Mississippi if your curious

did you accept? congrats!

My son received his financial aid offer and the total net price was about 18% above what the net price calculator was estimating earlier this year using our 2019 taxes. So unfortunately we had to decline the offer. He also received an offer from Tulane earlier this year (early action) that was +25% above the net price calculator. I remember reading that private schools tend to have more optimistic price calculator estimates than reality and from our experience this proved out. I can see from the school’s perspective they don’t want to turn away a potential customer but at the same point it’s a huge waste of time and effort for the student applicants/parents who are trying to be mindful of cost.

That totally makes sense, and I’m sorry you were so mislead by the schools. Can I ask where your son is currently going now that he turned down Richmond? And also, what state you guys are from? Thanks!

She was accepted around the 2nd week of May we are in New England

We’re from IL and he’s going to UIUC.