**University of Rochester 2024 Waitlist

Hey guys! I realized there is no thread for waitlist at UofR 2024.

Anyone waitlisted for the University of Rochester 2024?

Here is the historical information from the University of Rochester Waitlist website:

Traditionally, 20% of our total applicant pool is offered a spot on our wait list, and 10% of those students will choose to stay on the wait list. However, it’s important to stress that each year is different. Over the past two years, an average of 150 students have been admitted from our wait list.

My thought is they might go deep into their wait list, and full pay students will have a good shot at getting off the list. Roch has a high percentage of international students that likely won’t be attending/returning due to CV.

I agree with that but it is just uncertain of what will happen next few months… Any chance they gonna make the class just smaller Lol?

University of Rochester Waitlist Gang!

This is so weird, I was notified to be waitlisted in late March and then yesterday that updated the decision and admitted me out of the waitlist. I thought typically waitlist decision won’t come out until May.

UCSD or University of Rochester

Got accepted off the waitlist yesterday too!!!

Have you made your college choice yet

I got waitlisted & just received my acceptance yesterday. I am likely turning it down & committing to Brandeis, hope I can give my spot to someone else!

Congratulations to those who got in off the waitlist!! Can you guys please tell if you are US citizens or internationals?

I am an Internation student.

One more question if it’s okay to ask, did you need substantial financial aid?

I am still on the waitlist :neutral: What did you guys send in as additional information on the waitlist? Also, what major and race are you guys for the people who got off the waitlist if you don’t mind sharing?

I did not apply for FA. However, I have a friend who got in off the waitlist that same day received a merit-based scholarship.

I updated my grades (strongly recommended if grades improved) and wrote a letter of continued interest. I applied undecided and I am an international student from China.

This year they open the wl so early and it makes sense due to the CV. A LOT of international students are not able to travel and decide to take a gap year. So I think there is still a big chance for people who are on the waitlist! Good luck everyone!

Any new acceptances?

Nope :neutral:

Any ideas how can we raise our chances?

I was waitlisted and got my acceptance today.