University of Rochester 2024

Hello, I just want to know if anybody is considering Rochester for fall 2020. It might be a little early but I just wanted to start up a thread for this.

MEEE, what major/program are you? @JovialIntrovert

Hi, I am an International student. I plan to major in Biology: Neuroscience and/or Brain and Cognitive sciences. What about you? @yeeeeeeee

Hi my son is an international
Student and interested in the undergraduate degree in music and audio engineering at UoR. Is the degree worth it ?

It is my understanding that the Audio & Music Engineering program has not been ABET certified yet and is not set to be reviewed again until 2021. Supposedly, degrees can be retroactive once ABET accreditation has been achieved

Hi, I applied to the university of rochester through the common app. however, the application was not received on myroc as shown. does anyone know whether the application takes time to be received or is there a problem?

Yes. MyRoc is only updated periodically when my S applied a couple of years ago.

^ was

Is there anyone who clicked the submit button for ED and just want to say hi or maybe share some thing about themselves?

I am here.


@Insider56 @SaugatG
Nice to meet you both!
Where are you applying from?

@JovialIntrovert Egypt and you?

@Insider56 I’m from Nigeria

My daughter applied ED. We are from NY but 4.5 hours away closer to NYC. Like you guys I’m sure, she is waiting on pins and needles.

@Ginamarie119 Yeah the wait is killing.

Does anyone know for sure when decisions come out?

I also applied ED. Do you know when exactly the decisions are coming yet?

@JovialIntrovert I applied from Ghana. So if you’re Nigerian, it’s super cool yeah.

Applying regular - tips on the interview? I have a skype interview with an alum

I applied ED from India
@JovialIntrovert , @bigheart , @yeeeeeeee and @Insider56 what are your stats and ECs?