University of Rochester class of 2025 RD applicants

I have made this thread to get along everyone who has applied, and as well because i am very anxious about the upcoming results. Please share your application process experience and what are you expecting.

I’m not an applicant, but the parent of a proud graduate who is now finishing med school. I want to wish you all the best with your applications!

I’m posting for that and so the board will tell me when there are new replies. I like to keep up with the school. :wink:

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very well. Thanks for the concern. Is your child on scholarship in the med program?

He has/had a scholarship, yes, but it only covers part of the cost. Med school is very expensive. Like many new doctors, he’ll have a huge amount of loans. At least this year is his last year of adding to loans. They don’t get a doctor’s salary with residency, but it should be enough to pay the bills.

I see. This makes sense. I also wanted to go in the med program but the same thing the expense is a lot. Plus i am an international student. Right now i am just hoping to get in. Best of Luck to your future doctor son!

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He loved his time at URoc, so hopefully you get in and can enjoy your years too!

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Yess!! Thank you so much.

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Hey I applied to U of R, early decision. I am also very anxious about the upcoming results. (I honestly have no idea what to expect)


Hey! I applied to the Graduate Engineering at Rochester program. Heard results will be coming out soon this month.

Is there anyone know when will UofR release ED2 decision?

Hi!! I applied RD and was wondering if anybody knows when they’ll be released :relaxed: congrats to all that have been accepted!

was wondering the same thing! I’m RD also, nice to meet you!

It was Wednesday, March 18th at 5:00pm ET last year, but anybody’s guess this year.

is there a chance it could be this Wednesday at 5pm then?

Definitely a chance if they keep the same pattern as last year, but many elite private universities are announcing record numbers of applicants, so I imagine it could possibly take longer this year. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ah this makes me nervous😂 Not that it’s really affects anything if I find out sooner since I still have to wait on so many other schools! This process is grueling!!!

I hope not! but that’s true, applications are record-high everywhere

right!! the wait is honestly worse than opening the decisions

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do anyone know how many RD applicant they have this year?

If the financial aid department is reaching out today with questions and say that they are reviewing your account would that likely mean that you’ve been accepted? I guess I am thinking that might be a good sign because if they are rejecting you they wouldn’t spend time on your financial aid, right?