University of Rochester Fall 2020 Transfer

Hi, I recently got accepted as a transfer to UR fall 2020. Are there any other transfer students out there for fall 2020? Also, can previous transfers give their experience?

My d is a potential transfer. She was there for freshman year, then they drastically reduced her FA so she had to transfer out. My son is going to college this fall so my d reapplied to Roch hoping for more FA. She has not received acceptance or FA yet. She has called and admissions told her while it’s not official, “for sure she will get in.” FA told her that they don’t have an acceptance yet and she won’t get FA until the summer, yet they want her to commit or not by 4/26. So frustrating. Have you received FA yet?

I applied for financial aid but because my family situation changed last year I do not qualify for any. Rochester was actually my top school but for freshmen year, I overthought my college career and chose to go to Colgate University instead (they gave me a bit more financial aid). But now that I most likely will pay full for both schools, I want to transfer to Rochester. I’m sorry but I can’t really help you with FA related! But from my experience, I don’t like the financial aid at Rochester at all. They take forever to answer emails and are not very accommodating. I’m sure the COVID-19 situation plays a role in delayed financial aid.

I was also accepted to Rochester as a transfer for the fall semester. I received an email saying that I was missing some documents for financial aid, to which I sent those documents in but I haven’t been able to get into contact with the aid office. even though I contacted them the day I was admitted (3/31). I hope they get back to me soon because, I’d love to go there but I really can’t commit without seeing my aid package.

Hi! I actually also contacted financial aid about a week ago and they still haven’t answered. I would try calling because last time apparently they replied to my email but I never got it. Also, what class year will you be?

Hey guys! Glad someone made this thread. I am also a transfer applicant for Fall 2020 at U Rochester. I have been communicating with them for a while now, and yesterday, I was told that the notification date had been moved past to May 15 and onwards. I see that some of you have gotten the acceptance already, so I suppose my application process is delayed because I am applying for financial aid. Also, I am an international student. I hope to meet all of you on campus.

Oh okay I will try calling in that case, I just figured their offices were probably closed. I will either be a sophomore or junior depending on how my AP credits transfer in. How about you?

I will be a sophomore!:slight_smile: did you get your package yet? I received my email this morning!!

i feel like it’s probably because you’re international, but I wouldn’t know haha. Hope to see you on campus too! You should join the transfer student Facebook group, it’s so hard to connect with other transfers. Btw, will you guys apply for on campus housing?

yield protected lol? 1550 / 3.98, haven’t heard from many schools but got accepted to all so far apart from Rochester, including into UNC. didn’t know transfer yield protection was a thing

Notification date for a student commitment or they getting back to us?

lmao nvm need-aware 0 efc during financial meltdown ?

My application was checked complete on 5/1 , when do you think I’ll hear back?

How long did it take for y’all to hear back?

about a month!

Thank you for the response!
Do they give good financial aid package?

@bamba2008 not rly haha but ill still attend. What institution are you transferring from btw?

@99suhjw i’m transferring from a small private college in NC what about you?

@bamba2008 I’m coming from a small liberal arts college in Southern California! hope to see you at Uroch!

I am also coming from Southern California! Is there anyway we can contact?