University of Rochester fall 2021

Hello, I just want to know if anybody is considering Rochester for fall 2020. It might be a little early but I just wanted to start up a thread for this.
P.S: It would be nice if you mention from which country you are applying <3

Good luck to everyone applying to Rochester this year! I applied RD last year and while I chose another school, the campus itself is gorgeous (from the pictures lol, too far to have visited,) and I LOVED what my interview told me about the school (so DEFINITELY DO THE INTERVIEW IF YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY!)

Also, if you’re a NMSF and become a NMF, URochester will give you a $23K (at-least that was for last year) merit scholarship per year, although this doesn’t stack with others I believe (at least not the Bausch + Lomb.)