University of Rochester Midyear Report Mandatory?

<p>OK, so I've been accepted and already payed the deposit for U of R, but according to my admissions account. My Midyear Report was never received, and my application status is still incomplete. But that was supposed to be due about 4 months ago, and they never sent me a real notification about it being missing. I'm just worried about them suddenly realizing that I slipped through and do something drastic like rescinding my acceptance. So my question, is the midyear report mandatory for Rochester? Or do they just take it into consideration if you send it? And yes, I did email the admissions department. That was a few weeks ago, never got an answer back. Feedback from you guys would be really appreciated.</p>

<p>UR does require an end of year report (and counselor's report). I expect that the end of year grade report will include the grades for both semesters of your senior year. Since the end of the school year is right around the corner, why not just ask to have that sent, especially as you need to do that anyway?</p>

<p>Thanks for replying.</p>

<p>I already requested that my high school send my final transcript to the university. I was just worried about there being an issue cause I didn't send both the midyear report and the final report.</p>

<p>As long as your grades get to us, be it in the midyear or final report, you will be fine.</p>