University of Rochester national merit scholarship

For 2020-2021, does University of Rochester still give out the scholarship? I heard it is “under review”, and does it stack on top of financial aid? Thank you!

They do not stack financial aid. Meaning, if you get merit aid, your financial aid will be reduced accordingly. The net result is that your merit aid gives you little to no benefit unless you are wealthy enough not to need financial aid. Parents who earn at or near the median income for the NYC area will find it very difficult to afford Rochester.

Thank you for replying? Is it the same for the national merit scholarship because it is awarded only after financial aid decisions come out since the national merit association has to release the finalists

Last-year I was offered 18K/year via the Bausch & Lomb Scholarship and was told that the NM Scholarship for 23K/year would replace it, not stack.

Will a merit scholarship eliminate student loans and work-study? Does that cost go down?