University of Rochester or Santa Clara University for CS?

University of Rochester or Santa Clara University for CS?

Santa Clara University for the internships & entry-level job salary.

University of Rochester, I haven’t heard a lot about.

What is the cost difference?

If all costs are equal, Santa Clara–pretty campus, warm, in the lap of Silicon Valley = internships, good education.

Does Santa Clara University have more name recognition outside of California and Silicon Valley?

In terms of students profile, there has been a gap between UR and SCU:

You may want to see whether it has narrowed within the last few years.

A more updated comparison of stats from class of 2022 from NCES/IPEDS:
UR: SAT ebrw 640-710, SAT math 680-790, ACT 30-34
SCU: SAT ebrw 630-700, SAT math 640-740, ACT 28-32

SCU’s stats vary by school. SCU class of 2023 engineering SAT ebrw 640-710, SAT math 693-770, ACT 30-33. I have not seen recent scores for UR except for those above as don’t publish their CDS, don’t post a class profile, and they are test-optional.

Just a hunch, but if you want to work in Silicon Valley for internships or after college, SCU seems like a better bet. If you want to work in the northeast, then UR.

These are graduate program rankings but I imagine they translate to a strong undergraduate program. Graduate CS at UR is ranked #49. Not sure if Santa Clara has a graduate CS program but didn’t see them listed.

Anecdotally from previous classmates, the CS program at UR is strong. Facebook, Google and other companies came to campus to recruit and CS majors are notified via the career office when these visits occur.

Google and other big well known computing companies can be found recruiting at lots of colleges, plus every CS student knows who they are and can apply to them directly.

SCU’s location may give it more visibility to local employers, and give its students more knowledge of existence of smaller local employers that may not be well known or do much travel recruiting.

Also, interviewing in Silicon Valley is a lot easier from SCU. Getting from Rochester to San Jose involves a two stop airline flight. SCU students can walk, take public transportation, or use taxi/rideshare to get to interviews in the area.

SCU is Catholic. Does that matter to you?