University of San Diego 2023

Dec 15th Application Due Date is fast approaching!

@ifer67 I applied on December 2! Good luck to everyone else applying! :slight_smile:

I applied mid Nov. and the wait is already killing me! Can’t wait till March-April
Good luck everyone!

My daughter has now officially applied. She had a few extra days ?!

Have others received anything other than the common app successful submission acknowledgement? Any email from USD with a Portal? D submitted her application on the 14th.

@ifer67 I applied on December 2nd and just received my portal information on Friday.

Does anyone know if applying as a legacy helps admissions to USD?

If you applied to USD early, then they give you access to your portal to monitor your admissions decision now. If you applied closer to the Dec 15 deadline, then they said you will need to wait until January to get access to a portal. I would recommend calling undergraduate admissions and ask them when you will get your portal. They are likely to be very welcoming to your questions.

@USDMomma I think they do. My daughter applied and got in 4 years ago and she was sent a letter before she got her decision indicating that they were happy to get applications from legacies…something like that (I guess it was kind of like a likely letter, but made it clear that the legacy part was important to them). Not sure if it makes a difference, but she is from the East Coast and had really high stats.

She had legacy from her dad.

My son received the Legacy letter as well.Crossing fingers… We currently have our daughter also attending USD, so hoping that helps our son as well.

@USDMomma good luck to your son! I would think the legacy letter is a good sign?? When are decisions released at USD? Rolling around February? I cannot remember and I apologize if this was already discussed.

Also, I just private messaged you.

I believe USD starts rolling out admission notifications Feb 20- April 1st. However, last year, I believe they started notifications a week or so earlier.

not sure of my source, but my notes say notice begins end of jan thru mid feb. i think i may have looked at last years admission posts on cc

last year they started coming out on feb. 19th

During their webcast this past week they said notifications would start rolling out mid-February, but weren’t expected to be completed until end of March. It will be a long 6 weeks for some of us!

Thanks for the update. USD and one other school are the two last schools my D is waiting on.

Just curious, what are some of the other schools people have applied to that are applying to USD? We are from the east coast so we might be missing some. My son is a junior so we still have time…

@collegemomjam in addition to USD, D19 applied to and was accepted to Chapman, Loyola Marymount and Santa Clara U. She has also applied to 3 UC schools, but given she’s OOS, they’re a long shot. We to are on the East coast.
Have you toured any CA schools yet? If not, I have a 10-day driving tour that will take you to 12 schools from San Diego to San Francisco. Also happy to share what she like/didn’t.

@ifer67 thanks so much! We toured USC (long shot), Loyola Marymount, and USD. Like them all a lot but probably won’t apply to LMU in the end because he likes USD better. I wish he could handle the quarter system of the UC’s and Santa Clara but I don’t think he can…too many midterms, finals and tests, and he would hate being on a different schedule than his friends at home. May sound like a stupid reason, but I know my son. It’s a shame because this eliminates many other schools. If you know of any other California or West Coast schools that are on semesters, I would love to hear about them! Thanks!