university of San Diego

Do i need to take any religion classes at this school?

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No, not necessarily. You could take Philosophy, Social Justice, Ethical Inquiry, etc.

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Can you give me some tips for USD? I am applying for Education major.

Sorry, but I don’t have any tips. Just my kid may be applying too.

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Check their common dataset to see what they consider important. Section C7,counselors%2C%20and%20the%20National%20Center%20for%20Education%20Statistics.

Something very strange: the waitlist email received today says 1150 is the class size goal. How can that be? The total undergrads in the Common Data Set (thanks Gumbymom) is 5,294. Divide by four, that is 1,323. But I had the sense their incoming class was more like 1450. Did they have 200 students who deferred from last year? Or are they reducing the size? Or was that a typo?

Has anyone received a Fall 2021 transfer admissions decision yet?

nvm wrong university lmao