University of San Fran

<p>I was deferred from USF : (
Can I get in regular decision ? </p>

<p>What do I do now.......</p>

<p>Have you applied to other schools?</p>

<p>Are you still interested in USF?
Have you sent them a letter stating your continued interest?</p>

<p>Yes I have but its my top choice. I did send in a letter of interest, rec letters, and grades from senior year but I'm still concerned :( !!!</p>

<p>What other schools did you apply to, if you don't mind me asking?</p>

<p>I applied to a lot of different schools.
So far I got into St Marys College of California, Wilamette University (50,000 scholarship), UC Riverside and a lot of other back ups.
Can you answer my question now ?</p>

<p>You write to USF. You update your resume, if necessary. You tell them it's your top choice, and you list why, specifically. You do your research and your list is concrete: read up on their courses, and strengths as a college, then show how it's the perfect academic fit for you. You tell them you got into other good schools, one with a significant scholarship, but that the school you really see yourself in is USF. </p>

<p>And then you cross your fingers. Good luck!</p>

<p>Wow thanks :)))! Sounds good.</p>

<p>Willamette has offered you a $50,000 scholarship? That is amazing news.
Does that change your perspective on which school you prefer?</p>


<h1>1) Money is not a huge problem for my family</h1>

<h1>2) They don't want me to go to Oregon</h1>

<h1>3) They feel like USF is better / closer to home.</h1>

<p>Well thank you! I do like the school and plan to visit soon(: I think my parents just don't think highly of it.</p>