University of San Francisco Class of 2023 Applicants Thread

It does say that for my son too but there is no green checkmark next to it. Also on the bottom right corner it says that SAT scores were received so I am not too worried.

Same. No mail today. We live in the SF Bay Area so I was hoping to get something today.

Any mail today ?

Nope :frowning:

We didn’t receive anything today. I like the idea of the physical envelope, but the waiting is hard!

Hoping to receive that mail today

has anyone received anything?

Not in the mail today in So Cal. Guess we have to wait until Monday.

Sacramento hasn’t received anything either.

Just got my package in the mail! I am from the Bay Area! I got the scholar award scholarship!

We received no mail from USF today. We live in the Bay Area.

accepted with presidential scholarship of 75k

@Devakshi wow…that’s wonderful! Congratulations!
Are you from the Bay Area? Did you receive the mail today?

D received admission packet and scholarship award in the mail today! We live in the Bay Area.

Okay I know that this isn’t the brightest question but does mail get delivered on Sunday? Also, USFCA will send rejection letters too, right?

Nope, no mail delivery on Sunday. And yes, they do send rejection letters, although I’m not sure if they reject any applicants at this point or just defer to RD in March.

Hey Guys! Will USF send out regular admission decisions now? It says on their website that the decision will come out in 3-4 weeks, but in another section it says that some decisions won’t come out until March. I applied a couple weeks ago but not for anything special.

@Liv566, are you applying as a first year or transfer? If you applied as a first year ED/EA, you should hear this week. If you applied as a first year RD, you’ll hear in March. The 3-4 week notification applies in transfer situations.

oh okay! I applied at a first year. that makes a lot of sense. Thank you!!

big square envelope reached midwest today!